The Power of Willow…

Okay people, as I was minding my own business on Instagram…I came across a post on my home-girl Meghan Trainor’s page. She was listening to Willow Smith’s album Ardipithecus which means (a genus of an extinct hominine that lived during Late Miocene and Early Pliocene in Afar Depression, Ethiopia)…Uh huh, yeah I know. So I was like Whaaatttt!! Willow got a new album and Meghan Trainor is digging it..Ok! Of course I had to listen to it, I mean she hasn’t released an album since her “Whip my hair” days (which is my go to karaoke jam), I was curious to see what the 15 year old has to say these days. For real people, I mean you know I keep ALL the way 100 with you guys…I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! Now let me be clear, it is NOT something you will EVER hear on the radio, it’s too deep and different for main stream music. You are either going to love it or hate it, there really is no in between. The only way I can describe it is an Indie-Pop-Rock type of sound. Because of the content that she talks about, the sounds are very Native American, nature winds, eclectic bass line type of stuff. I personally have never heard an album like that, but I like it. Keep in mind she is 15, but she is schooling you on everything from how the system is being used to corrupt the minds of the youth, to being one with the spirits of Mother Nature, to delving into alternate dimensions, to just being yourself and loving who you are. This child is soooo freaking enlightened. She recognizes the foolishness and dares to challenge it instead of being a part of it. My metaphysics brothers and sisters will totally appreciate her work. My favorite songs are “Not so different”, “Wait a minute!” and “Why don’t you cry” (this has a video). It is so refreshing to my spirit to see a young lady in this society truly dare to be human. She takes a lot of jabs from the media but umm, (insert LOUD lip smack) at 15 she has a net worth of $4 million dollars, has a lucrative contract with Karl Lagerfeld and is the new ambassador for Chanel. Not to mention she is super smart, stylish, individual, connected to her inner being, knows she is an extension of the divine and cooler than most people will ever be. Clearly this album wasn’t made for fortune and fame unlike her label mates, which it could have easily become since she is signed under Jay-z’s label Roc Nation. The album received criticism of course, no record-breaking sales and what not because it’s hard to place it in a category and  like I said, it’s REALLY different, BUT I stand by it. Willow is the sole songwriter for all 14 tracks and she produced 10 of the 14. What other artist do you know that is “hot” right now doing that? I’ll wait…Exactly! No the vocals aren’t the best at times and all that extra but its real, its raw and most important its genuine. I can appreciate that. She had something to say and she said it. Kudos to Will and Jada for encouraging her to find her own path and learn HER truth instead of allowing others to dictate it for her. I wish there were more young artists like her, she says in one of her songs “I am not an investment”, how powerful is that phrase. Well I vote for Willow, it breaks up the monotony of the excrement spewing from the radio nowadays. Willow, for all that you are and for daring to be different in a society full of trends, bad b#@%tches, Savages, side chicks, fake, phony, contrived, do anything for 15 minutes of fame, twerkin, tweekin and fleekin, keep shining girlfriend, keep shining!!!! 

ps (you can listen to it on Youtube)

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