Heartbreak Hotel…smh

By Tiffany Jenkins 

  I am sure you have heard by now but I just had to cover this because I was kinda sad about it. Sunday, June 19th Iggy Azalea and NBA star Nick Young announced their split. After being engaged for a year, the two have gone their separate ways. 

Iggy broke the news on social media stating that after trying to rebuild her trust for Nick, she just “couldn’t do it anymore”. (I’m paraphrasing). 

Nick also took to social media stating just one word…”Single”. In case you forgot, a few months ago, Nick was recorded telling one of his teammates that he had cheated on Iggy with a 19 year old (Nick is 30…yeah, exactly!) 

When asked about it (because it was mysteriously leaked to the public) Nick said that it was just a joke. Iggy went on air stating that it better had been a joke otherwise she was going to channel her inner Lorraine Bobbit…(please Google her if you don’t get the reference but I guarantee EVERY MAN knows about LB..). 

Even though Iggy stood by her man, it seems that something must have been revealed because now…the wedding is off!! Ok, here’s my soapbox moment people. 

This is a PSA! If you have NOT gotten the playa status, savage chick, I might be missing something, unruly, disrespectful.I still haven’t healed from my ex so I don’t trust anyone. 

 I don’t just wanna be with somebody just to be with somebody, selfish, under or just plain un-committed foolishness out of your system, PLEASE STAY SINGLE!!!!!! How unfair and cruel to invite somebody into your life when you know good and well that you aren’t ready for a relationship. Get your mind right and your emotions in check. You are playing with people’s lives, hearts and emotions. 

Just be honest and let that person decide if they still want to take a chance on you or not. And if you are so blessed to find true love, please appreciate that person, love them, protect them and treat them like gold. The grass ain’t always greener boo boo. I feel bad for Iggy, she went and planned this whole wedding, thinking she was about to embark on this fairy tale journey with the man she thought was the love of her life. How heartbreaking. 

Iggy, you kept it classy and while it may hurt for a minute, pick your head up girl, he just wasn’t the one. Your Prince Charming is still out there waiting for you…I’m on your “TEAM”.

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