7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness

7 Simple Practices To Improve Your Relationship Happiness

By: YUV Guest Writer Annie Lizstan 

Maintaining a happy relationship can be frustrating at times and disappointments are not inevitable in such a connection. Most couples find it disconcerting and heartbreaking if they can’t find contentment in their most loving relationships. Why would someone who truly loves you try to hurt you? 

Personal and intimate relationships are hard to navigate unlike professional connections due to expectations and agreements, according to Steve Chandler, a relationship author, and motivational coach. Luckily, there are some simple practices that can improve your relationship. They include: 

1. Know Your Expectations

The chances are that most couples who don’t find happiness in their relationships is not aware of their expectations. They may only realize that they feel somehow resentful toward their loving partners. If this is happening in your relationship, try to explore deeper, and you may learn that your partner has gone against some of your expectations. For instance, you may plan to have a dinner out on a weekend but you’re your partner fails because s/he gets occupied with other things.

2. Spend Time Together

The majority of couples who seek professional counseling hardly recount the last time they spent quality time together. You may be preoccupied with job assignments or your kids such that you don’t have alone time for your partner. And by the time you retire to bed, you are too exhausted to have an engaging chat. 

It’s very hard to feel happily connected if you don’t spend time together. It’s among the top practices that can keep your relationship healthy. Set dates when you shall be spending time together and ensure that they are honored.

3. Hug Twice Every Day

This doesn’t mean hugging hurriedly, but rather embracing each other for at least 20 seconds to allow the “curdle hormone” or oxytocin to kick in. This hormone triggers a pleasant feeling which is very essential in a happy relationship. Hugging is also a powerful gesture just like medicine. 

A hug for 20 seconds in the morning and before bedtime. Stick to this ritual on a daily because your partner may feel uncared for if you skip it for a few days.

4. Listen Without Interrupting

One of the best way to say “I love you” is through listening to your partner when they s/he speaks about their feelings, thoughts, and stresses among much more. About glozine lifestyle news, most people struggle with the skill of authentic listening. It entails shutting off all electronic gadgets; make eye contact and nod you’re your head in an appreciative way. This shows that you are not only caring, but also present during a conversation with your partner. 

High-fives and supportive grunts are also recommendable in showing your partner that you are sincerely paying attention.

5. Keep Each Other Updated

You can’t tell when to commiserate or celebrate with your partner unless you are kept updated on what’s going on in their life. By expressing what is happening in each other’s life, it will inform your partner when you need their support in stressful situations as a result of job or health issues. They will also know when to celebrate with you whenever you make some achievements. How was your night? How was work today? These are some questions that will clearly express that you are carrying your partner in mind as you face the joys and challenges of the day.

6. Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

Every person in a relationship expresses unique loving behaviors and gestures. If you are not aware of your partner’s love language, there is no harm in asking. The chances are that they may have attempted to share them, but you completely missed the point. 

Inquire the things you do that make them feel loved and cared for. It could be your tender touch, making love or just buying them presents.

7. Draft plans

Most of the programs that count in a relationship are not achieved unless they are put on the calendar. These include having sex, meeting friends, visiting relatives and going out for dinner. Ensure that you both set goals every month. This is an assurance that you are on the same journey together with your partner. 

Draft some meaningful relationship goals that appeal to both of you. You must plan and act as a team if you want to Improve happiness in your relationships.


The list of things you can do with your partner to improve happiness in your relationship is endless. You don’t have to surprise them every day, but practicing the above seven can strengthen your bond and make your relationship more enjoyable. Happy relationship!

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