Love Over Hate


Imagine going out on a Saturday night with friends to enjoy the weekend together. You all go to a nightclub and dance it out. You’re having a BLAST and seeing your friends smiling, warm faces. But all of sudden everything changes and this exactly happened to many clubgoers on June 12. On June 12, 2016 around 2 A.M., Omar Mateen, entered Pulse Nightclub a gay nightclub located in Orlando, Florida and created a tragedy. He had an AR-15 type assault rifle, a handgun, and multiple rounds of ammunition which proceeded the shooting. This horrific and inhumanely act caused 49 innocent, lives to be killed. There were also 53 wounded and 30 survivors. About 15 to 20 people who hid in the bathrooms called and texted their loved ones for help. At 5 A.M. police freed the hostages and had a shootout with the gunman, where he was killed.

Many grieving families are struggling with their emotions and still in shock. On the internet as well as on the television there has been many interviews with families. President Obama visited Orlando on June 16, 2016 met with survivors and family members. Obama and Vice President Biden also payed tribute to the victims. Many families when interviewed, said positive words about them. As well taking a time to remember them with such great love and warm thoughts. Akyra Monet Murray’s mother remembers her as a dream child and couldn’t ask for anything better. Friends of Edward Sotomayor Jr. remember him as a sweetheart and kind, loving man. An avid traveler, pharmacy technician, barista, recent high school graduate, telemarketer, and bouncer- a description of some of the victim’s. Young and bright futures ahead for them all, but stolen forever by violence.

After hearing and reading what happened that night in Orlando, my heart grieves for everyone who was affected. No family or friends should EVER have to go through agony and horror. There needs to be change immediately because enough is ENOUGH. Guns are the mass killers along with dangerous people. Here’s to love, justice, and peace.

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Written by: Karina Bran



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