And the winner is…

Drumroll Please (๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ) Miss USA 2016 is Unit Commander of the United States Army, Deshauna Barber from District of Columbia!!! And guess what… She’s black! Now you know me, I love everybody but let me explain the significance of why this win in particular is so important. First she is brilliant. Aside from being in the Army Reserve, she is a graduate of Virginia State University, she is also an IT Analyst. She is incredibly articulate, just YouTube her answer when asked how she felt about a particular change happening in the Military, girlfriend answered like a BAWSE! But, here’s my reason I feel like we needed to see Barber win this crown. I’m going to be very honest and tell it how it is, you ready? Ok. For decades there has been a stigma for being too dark. The whole light skin versus dark skin has been and still is a major issue in society, especially the black community. As a black woman I have witnessed this insanity first hand. I have seen my  girlfriends cry their eyes out because they felt like they were ugly for having darker skin. It doesn’t make it easier when most women who are celebrated in our culture are of a lighter hue. Keep it real. It’s disgusting, but it’s happening. Next, nowadays, many black women are being portrayed and glorified for being the R word… Rachett. Seriously, the fighting, the foul language, the lack of self respect, it’s EVERYWHERE! And it’s annoying. Young girls are literally aspiring to be as rachett as possible with hopes of being the next Joseline or Cardi B or Cookie…need I go on. While black women are too busy trying to be a Savage and a Bad B@#*h, it’s so refreshing to see a beautiful black woman with the deepest Ebony skin, be poised, articulate, intelligent, commanding and earning respect in a male dominated field be crowned Miss USA. YASSSSS!!!! It’s inspiring and uplifting and gives such a healthy and positive example for young girls especially ones that look just like her. I’m not  judging anyone, I’m just pointing out the elephant in the room. Dashauna Barber, for your military service, for being an inspiration,  not just for black women, but for ALL women and reminding us that you can do anything when you’re a girl… We congratulate you, we thank you and we salute you. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

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