The SSSHHHHade… For Real

OK, by now everyone has heard that Tamar Braxton will no longer be a part of daytime TV show The Real. I have taken some time to get some more information before I wrote my article. There’s so much speculation about the actual cause of her sudden, and I do mean SUDDEN, departure. One source reports that Tamar’s attitude was the cause saying she was extremely demanding and rude to the staff and that she had a HUGE falling out with the executive producer of the show which is what caused the decision. The show released a statement saying that both parties decided to part ways. It was a joint decision… Yeah ok. Another source stated that it was because of Tamar’s popularity. She is featured on her own show Tamar & Vince plus The Braxton’s Family Values, she’s a Grammy nominated recording artist, has a successful clothing line etc. Allegedly, this made the other girls on the show jealous and insecure, like she was stealing their opportunity to shine. Jealous enough to put in a request to have Tamar replaced. Another source stated that Tamar just wasn’t a good fit for show. She was too loud, opinionated, and smacked her lips to much, in other words, she was a lil’ too rachet for daytime TV. Then there were all of the rumors that she unfollowed the girls on social media. Adrienne Bailon quickly shut down those rumors in response to a tweet she was tagged in, she said that Tamar did not unfollow her and that they just as close, she even posted a photo,awwwww…NOT! The stories keep rolling in and it’s difficult to get to truth. Tamar did post a message on Instagram stating that she was betrayed by someone very close to her. Of course she doesn’t reveal who it was, but it was evident that she was indeed hurt. She has since then taken a break from social media (good idea). Here’s my thing. Tamar brought ratings. Let’s be honest, without Tamar, the ratings for The Real are going to plummet. The Tamarians are devoted! Plus, she was entertaining. That’s why people watched the show, love her or hate her, she was entertaining. Without her, the will be boring, period, point blank. It was shady, weird and abrupt. Networks don’t want a Tamar, but they’re ok with a Raven-Symone…yeeeaaahhhh ok. I’m just saying… Looks like The Real ain’t so Real after all… Smh

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