2016 Billboard Awards

Ok people!! The 2016 Billboard Awards!!!! Ludacris hosted but noticably absent was his usual co-host, Chrissy Tiegen. But since Chrissy is on mommy duty, Ciara stepped in as co-host instead. I have to say I was NOT excited but, I was pleasantly surprised. They were pretty good together, not great but not bad at all. Let’s get into the winners of the night first shall we since there were only 5 awards and 2 prestigious awards given. I mean for real though, what 3 hour award show only gives out 7 awards?? Someone please explain this to me…Well the winners included The Weekend, who dedicated his first award to the wonderful Prince, very touching. The other winners were Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth, Thomas Rhett, Justin Bieber and my guuurrrllllll Adele who also premiered her new video for one of my favorite songs on her album ’25’, “Send My Love to Your New Lover”, LOVE THAT SONG!!!!! The Billboard Chart Achievement Award went to Rihanna, of course and the Icon Award went to the incomparable, the fantastic, the beautiful, the elegant Celine Dion!!!!, who by the way brought the house down with a stellar performance of “The Show Must Go On”. I definitely cried during her acceptance speech while holding the hand of her eldest son Rene Charles, you KNOW I was crying for real!! Now the performances…Britney Spears opened the show with a medley of songs, in a skimpy red number she lip synced her way through some of her biggest hits. And yes! I was jammin’. Please don’t act like you don’t like Brit Brit. Granted she went a little cray cray for a minute but she came back and I still like her!! Other performances included Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, my girl Meghan Trainor, Justin Bieber (thank God he cut his hair lawd). My homegirl Pink was amazing as usual!! Missed her. Nick Jonus ft Tove Lov, Demi Lovato, Lucas Grant (loved his song), the love birds Blake Shelton ft Gwen Stefani, DNCE, an emotional Kesha, Troye Sivan, The awesome 80s girl group The Go-Gos and Ariana Grande who debuted her new single “Dangerous Woman”. I actually like that song, very catchy. The BEST performance to me was when Madonna sang “Nothing Compares To You” for the Prince tribute. For those of you who don’t know, Prince wrote the song for Sinead O’Connor in the 90s and it became a huge hit. The images on the screen was beautiful, her outfit was AMAZING! She didn’t over do it, then she brings the Legendary Stevie Wonder out to join her to perform the classic “Purple Rain”. YASSSSSS!!! Listen, I know people had their doubts about whether or not Madonna was a good choice for the tribute. Let me remind you that Madonna is a freakin’ LEGEND herself. She had hits on the charts at the same time Prince did, they even had a little fling (allegedly) in the 80s. Just becaue she wasn’t YOUR ideal choice doesn’t mean that she wasn’t a GOOD choice, BAM!! I thought it was awesome. Unfortunately, my worst pick of the night goes to (drum roll) Rihanna. I’m sorry, I do like her but she missed the mark horribly. She performed my second most hated song on her ‘ANTI’ album “Love on the Brain”. It was just a feeble attempt of trying to be jazzy and blusey and it was an epic FAIL!! She just doesn’t have the vocals for that type of song. She tried tho. But check this out, why did they have Celine Dion perform right after her? Why they do that to Rih Rih?? I mean I’d be so embarrassed to have to perform before Celine Dion, the goddess of vocal perfection, knowing good and well that my vocals aint nuffin like that diva…Let me stop. But at least she didn’t perform that horrible “Work” song. Ughhh I’ll take anything over that mess. Luv ya Rih…So overall, I thought it was pretty good. I give it a B+!!

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