Remembering A Queen         

By Tiffany Jenkins  
Another blessed life has been claimed. The fantastic Afeni Shakur has left us. For those who are not familiar, she was Tupac Shakur’s mother.
But trust me when I say, she was so much more. Born Alice Faye Williams, Afeni took life by the horns. She was a passionate activist for civil rights. She even belonged to the Black Panther Party in the 70s. Afeni, during a government raid, was arrested along with others on suspension of being involved with bombings that had taken place.
Even though she defended herself, the judge sentenced her to several years in prison. It was while in prison Afeni gave birth to her son and named him Tupac.
Although Afeni lived such an extraordinary life, unfortunately, she was forced to face a mother’s greatest nightmare. Burying her child. After Tupac’s death, she fought for the rights of his unreleased music and won, she founded multiple charities and even started a clothing line, both in Tupac’s honor.
An activist, philanthropist, business woman, humanitarian; Afeni Shakur dedicated her life to stopping senseless violence especially in the black community. She fought for peace and justice. She advocated education and the value of knowing yourself and that we all have a purpose to touch each other’s lives the way her son did.
To the hip-hop industry, Afeni was known as `The Mother of Rap’. It’s a terrible loss but we remember this inspiring woman, who with grace and civility, reminded us that even through the darkest of times there is ALWAYS light at the other end. Rest in eternal peace my sista, my warrior, my Queen. 

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