Where is the love?

So I was thinking the other day and I said to myself, `Self, what happened to all of my favorite celebrity couples?’. I mean think about all the cutest couples we’ve seen over the years. Remember Russell and Kimora? How epic were they?!! They built an incredible hip-hop/fashion empire, had too two gorgeous girls and after like a decade of marriage…it was over. Who saw that coming? I was sick wit it chile. They were my example of relationship goals. How about Chris and Rihanna!!!! Yasssss lawd! Ok, listen, before everyone gets into a tizzy hear me out. I know it was tragic towards the end of their relationship and we all know why. However, they were sooooooo good together!!!! They were both at the top of their game, no controversy, both tall and cute, they were practically the same complexion for goodness sake lol. You KNOW that you liked them together. I honestly thought that when they tried the second time around that it was going to work, alas, parting is such sweet sorrow. I also miss Nick and Jessica, Tom and Nicole, Eddie and Nicole, Babyface and Tracey, Heidi and Seal, JLo and Puffy, Chilli and Usher, I could go on for days. But my biggest heartbreaking celeb break up goes to (drum roll please) Britney and Justin!!!! Oh the humanity!  They were my all time FAVORITE couple!! They were blonde and pop and super duper cute!!!! Ughhhhh my heart broke when their fairytale ended!!! But c’est la vie. All good things must come to an end, but I’ll remember your love and keep it in the archives of my heart forevermore. I raise my glass and toast to bygone love stories, may they all rest in peace…

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