How Leonardo Dicaprio is totally WINNING!!!

It’s no question that this was definitely the year of Leo, however, as I was watching a re-run of Growing Pains (don’t judge me, Mike Seaver was my BOO for life) I couldn’t help but get swept up in the illustrious career of this, now, mega super star! Remember when we were first introduced to Leo on the hit TV show? He was sooooooo adorable, those pretty eyes and his big ol’ head, awwwww. Then he made his transition into films like `What’s eating Gilbert Grape ‘. OMG!! How good was that movie!! He then made our hearts go on as Jack Dawson in one of the most iconic movies of this generation, `Titanic’. I’m not letting go Jack, I’m not letting go!! 😭. Then, I swear, over night he became this incredible, powerhouse actor. I’m talking `Shutter Island’, `The Departed ‘, `Revolutionary Road’, `The Wolf of Wall Street’, one of his BEST performances of his LIFE, and of course `The Revenant’. I mean seriously people! Leo hasn’t been doing too bad with the ladies either. He’s been linked to some of the hottest women in Hollywood. He dated super model Bar Refaeli off and on for like EVER. And most recently he has been having an alleged secret rendezvous with Rihanna. YASSSSS, you didn’t know??!! Well let me tell you, it all started last year when they were allegedly spotted getting cozy and cakin’ out at a party. They supposedly spent some time together off and on but, most recently, last weekend at the Coachella Music Festival, Leo spotted Rih Rih at one of the shows. He went over and began chatting it up and she, reportedly, was giggling and smiling… A LOT!! I see you Leo getting your swirl on! Sources say they are just friends though… mmmhmmm. (Welp I guess now would be a good time for Drake to have his tattoo of Rihanna’s face removed from his bicep, no shade). I’m all for Rih and Leo getting together; I mean, he’s Hollywood royalty and she’s the Bad Girl of Pop Music. Take THAT society!! But Leo, why are you TRULY winning? It’s not the fact that you are one of the biggest and highest paid actors on the planet. It’s not that you FINALLY won an Oscar this year after like, 6 nominations. It’s not that you care so much about mother Earth. It’s not that you’re a total chick magnet… It’s your head. You finally grew into your big head, and now we’re happy and you can be our friend!!! 😆 LOVE YOU LEO!!!

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