Beauty Is Not Colorism: What Lil’Kim photos says about Beauty Standards 


Known to be one of the most prolific female rappers in the 90s. She was full of dirty lyrics and sexual prowess that encourages women to embrace their sexuality. 

She reigned supreme in hip hop with the help of Biggie Smalls and Mob Deep. Kim also was featured in movies and sitcoms. The Nicki of the 90s, who never once bit her tongue in none of her abrasive songs. 

Which is why I can’t understand why these recent photos appeared on her official Instagram account. 
Clearly you can tell her photos were either enhanced by the photo filter or she’s began bleaching her skin. 

According to reports circulating around the Internet the rapper attributes her sudden change to never feeling loved or thought of as beautiful by the men in her life. 

Now I know that the black women in today’s society have it hard by always trying to prove their worth. With the recent fad of butt injections. Many have a hard time truly loving themselves. All little girls deserve to feel special by the most important man in their lives: their father. 

Meanwhile, I refuse to believe all black men are dying for a fair complexion women. Different strokes for different folks. It is sadly disheartening when a woman doesn’t find the beauty in one’s self. So they seek to erase their melanin skin to that of European assets and features. 

A woman with a family and a lengthy musical career has to find a way to love herself and find her self worth. No longer can you continue to blame the ignorance of society. Everyone has an opinion but if you value theirs over your own. Then you really are a lost soul. 

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