Farewell To A Legend 

By: Tiffany Jenkins   
I was 7 years old the first time I saw Prince. It was his video for `Partyman’, the soundtrack to the 80s movie `Batman’. Prince wrote, produced and performed the entire soundtrack to that movie. That’s just a glimpse of the power that Prince Rogers Nelson possessed.
This is a man, who taught himself how to play multiple instruments and how to write and compose the most incredible music.
A career spanning more than 40+ years, he definitely earned the title GENIUS. Purple Rain is one of my favorite movies and BEST movie soundtracks EVER!!!
He was an innovator, a visionary, revolutionary and courageous pioneer. He believed in the power of music and he lived his life walking in his purpose, letting his spirituality guide him, sharing his God given gifts to the world.
An actor, a musician, dancer, singer, songwriter, style icon, Grammy & Academy Award winner and electrifying entertainer, there will never be another like him. He was so humble, no ego (the tears are flowing)…To all of the young artists out there, take note.
People don’t talk about Prince because of a crazy private life and dumb stuff that doesn’t matter, people talk about his MUSIC!
Ask yourself, with the type of music you create and out of control antics so display, what will people think of you when you’re gone? Do you live for the art or for Lamborghinis and Louboutins? Do you want the world to mourn your passing like a family member? Do you want the word Genius to be attached to your name? Do you want the next generation to look to you as inspiration? Do you want to be considered a Legend? If you say Yes! to any of these things, you may want to reexamine yourselves.
There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said, our prayers go out to his family and his amazing band. In memory of this king, let’s put our lighters up one last time and remember the incomparable, the talented, the elegant, the gifted, the legendary artist always and forever known as… Prince!! 


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