Bring Back My R&B!! Part 1

BRING BACK MY R&B!! part 1
By Tiffany Jenkins
YUV Contributor
f68eba63de15dc7cce88084270218445-3As I was watching Soul School on BETSoul I became really nostalgic, like to the point of tears . Watching all of the incredible male R&B artists from the 80s and 90s ohhh emmm geee, somebody help me!! It made me realize that I REALLY miss GOOD R&B music.
The genre has changed sooooooo much over the years and in my opinion, it’s going down hill. The younger generation is taking a crack at it bbuuuuttttt seriously though, um no. Don’t get me wrong, I like Chris Brown, Trey Songz, The Weekend and the like, but they have diluted R&B music. I mean artists like Usher and Ginuwine walked the thin line of the genre. Artists like Robin Thicke, Luke James, Raheem DeVaughn etc and doing their best to keep it alive. But this new breed has just destroyed, tore up and burned the line, ughhhhh. It’s too in your face. I want you to get me in the mood with some `Whip Appeal’ not flat out tell me that you’re gonna `F/#@ me back to sleep ‘… Chris, I’m talking to you. How is that sexy?
Where’s the passion? The romance? The intimacy, the, the… Where’s the Luther? Luther Vandross! Or as I call him `Loouffah’. Yasssss Loouffah! Big Loouffah, skinny Loouffah, medium Loouffah, he was the TROOF!!! Bring that sound back. I’m talking Jesse Powell, Marvin Gaye, Carl Thomas, Teddy Pendergrass, Johnny Gil, Christopher Williams, Keith Washington, James Ingram, Babyface, Barry White, Jon B, Keith Sweat.
Don’t even get me started on the male groups. Troop, New Edition, Next, Silk, Jodeci, Bel Biv DeVoe, Boyz II Men, Soul4Real, The Isley Brothers, c’mon now, can I get an Amen! I’m just saying, I miss the essence of the genre. It made me feel good, it was so smooth and real.
Now I know you’re like, hey, what about R. Kelly? He’s always been a little, um, obscene with his music. My answer is… He doesn’t count! R. Kelly is in a class all of his own. He writes, records and produces his own records and makes some of the most guilty pleasure music EVER! I mean in the words of the musical genius, `Ya’ll tell me what’s R&B without da `Arrah’… Lol. Basically, bring back my R&B. I LOVE YOU LOOUFF!!

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