Moving On When You’ve Dated A Jerk 

  I’m sure we’ve been there. That one person we just can’t seem to let go although they were the cause of all of our pain. 
Well it doesn’t seem like that at first. In the beginning, they woe you in. They are attractive, they say all the right words you want to hear. Gotta love those smooth talkers ?!? You spend time together. Call and text you all the time just to let you know they’re thinking about you.  
Slowly, you become drawn to them like a moth to a flame. You become an addict needing and craving for that hit just to feel that high again. But this is usually the moment your drug supply has just ran out. 
The time you use to spend together becomes less and less. You start to wonder, what happened? Was it something you said or did? Now you’re chasing them like an overzealous fan who’s trying to track down a celebrity. You call and text , no reply or they take longer to get back to you. They hit you with the lame excuse,
I’m busy.”  
We know everyone has a hectic lifestyle with work, kids and school but no one is without a phone to place a call or text for a whole day. Like come on, who doesn’t check their social media! 
Usually, narcissists or just plain assholes, tend to do the “fade away” game after they’ve gotten what they want from you. Whether it’s sex, money or a place to stay. First of, don’t blame yourself. There’s nothing you can do to change these kind of people because they see no fault in their ways. Even if you try to call them out on it. They’re going to say your ganging up on them. This is when you open the door to let them go. Never try to hold on to these people. Never hold on to anyone who doesn’t want to stay; life is too short.  

  Find the good in goodbye. You may not see it now but you will thank yourself later on. Better is out there. 

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