Jazmine Sullivan Feels Slighted By Lack Of Success As Black R&B Artist 

Recently, one of my favorite artist have become Jazmine Sullivan. I’ve listened to her music when she first came out with, “Bust Your Windows,” and “Need You Bad,” but it wasn’t until I was going through my own personal turmoil that I fell in love with her music.  I discovered how amazingly talented she was. 

Sadly enough she isn’t as popular as other female singers perhaps because she doesn’t sell sex because she uses her talent to get ahead in the entertainment industry. 

Oddly enough, she’s being compared to singer Adele. Fans of Sullivan have taken to social media stating how her talent is equally if not better than Adele’s. But because she’s (Adele) white, she happens to get a pass and a pathway to success. 

Sullivan says she’s glad people are recognizing her but feels there shouldn’t be a comparison because we’re all equally talented.  Perhaps working on the Jazmine Sullivan Brand will reach more people and grow a larger fan base. 

But if you haven’t listened to a Sullivan song you truly are missing out on a great experience. Her music is very relatable to things we go through in real life. 

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