Actress LisaRaye Set To Make Directorial Debut With Controversy “Skinned” Film

skinned-lisa-raye-bleaching-thatgrapejuice-600x772LisaRaye, best known for her roles in the film, “The Players Club,” and the TV show, All Of Us, and The Real McCoy, will be directing film that shines light on the recent outbreak of skin bleaching and lightening creams used throughout the world.

According to reports from The Black Enterprise and The University of Cape Town, skin bleaching has reached a record high of $10 billion dollars despite the unknown effects of its cause on the skin. From reports by Black Enterprise, 35 percent of South African women bleach their skin and 77% of Nigerian women bleach their skin.

When asked why should she as a light skinned woman direct this film that she said was a dark skinned project, she stated,” Controversy now sells and I wanted to have all eyes on this epidemic, because not only is it happening in African and our Caribbean nations but here in America too.

During her interview with Roland Martin, she mentions how Sammy Sosa and Michael Jackson have both bleached their skin. Skinned debuts this Saturday evening at 8pmET on TV One.

I honestly don’t see the need to continuously make these films. Instead of making films with women not accepting their beauty perhaps make films that shows how women an learn how to love themselves the way they are. The standards of beauty in society is disgusting and need to  be thrown out the window. I am so sick of seeing these films about light vs dark. We are black! We need to love ourselves and stop this division between skin complexions.

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