Ladies:Know Your Worth 

  It is finally 2016, the perfect opportunity to start over fresh. No longer do you have to feel shackled by your past. This is the time to go after what is important to you. A new year gives way to start new things and set new goals. Such as, taking up a yoga class, growing closer to God, etc. 

 Knowing your worth is so important. Too many times in life we settle for what we think we deserve instead of what is sent from God. We allow partners to mistreat us because we want to feel loved. Or we seek validation and acceptance from an emotionally unavailable guy. Oftentimes we begin to place blame on why we were not good enough if a relationship fails. But if you weren’t treated with respect and care from that particular person then you are certainly not the one to blame for someone else’s bad behavior. 

What I don’t want us ladies to do in these particular situations is to dwell over what happened. Get back to your regular routine because lo and behold there’s better waiting for you just around the corner. Sometimes as much as it hurts to let people go it is mostly for your benefit. Don’t stay emotionally hung up on an asshole jerk because YOU DESERVE BETTER. You deserve better than a liar, manipulator, user, cheater. God loves you and he’ll never send you someone to hurt you. Living your life and fulfilling those dreams will boost your self-confidence so you will not only move on from the hurt (because he’s more than likely moved on and is hurting some other unsuspecting poor woman) but attract a better quality of people into your life. 

So in 2016, Know Your Worth, Don’t entertain b.s from anyone. You’re worth it ladies! Someone is always waiting to love you just the way you are! But we have to first love ourselves first. 😘

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