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New Year, New YOU! Top 5 Things To Leave Behind In 2015


Hey ladies and gents!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful Christmas!

But now that the gifts have been given or in some cases returned! We know that 2016 is RIGHT around the corner. What is that you want to do that will help you reach that goal in life? What ever it is that you haven’t accomplished in 2015,  don’t fret! There is a new year coming that will help launch you into your new season. But there are just a few things that you need to leave in the past so you can grow and prosper. Let’s get into some of those things:

#1 Insecurities:

Yes! You have to get rid of insecurities. Leave all of your insecurities in the past they won’t do you any good. Whatever goals or resolutions you set in your mind. Do like Nike says, “Just Do It,” nothing in your life will feel as good as overcoming tough obstacles such as insecurities. Is there anything in life you’d always want to do? Write a book, go to college, travel the world, start a business, whichever it is you’ve always wanted to do GO GET IT!

#2 Low-Self-Esteem

This goes with #1. Having low self-esteem is another form of insecurities. This is definitely something that should just be eradicated in the new year. You can NOT and I repeat NOT get anywhere in life with this character trait. Low self-esteem has a poor reflection in your relationships whether it be with friends or dating. You will always be looking over your shoulder and wondering if you are good enough for anything or anybody . It’s just one of the ways you’ll stress yourself out and ultimately wind up going no where.

#3 Toxic People

Don’t feel bad for getting rid of people that are not serving a purpose in your life anymore. Toxic people can be anywhere from family, friends, lovers to co-workers. If you have people that are constantly bringing you down or just being negative in any shape or form. Then you must leave these people behind. Don’t let people hold you down away from your purpose in life. YOU only have one life to live. So LIVE It!

#4 Procrastination

The number 1 killer of goals and dreams is contentiously and consistently putting things off. Why put off  until tomorrow what you can do today? If you’ve always wanted to do something in life, you have to plan, research and execute. What might be frightening at first will probably be the best decision you’d ever do in your life; if you want to ever succeed in life. But you will never know if you are too afraid of at least trying. Don’t let years go by and you wake up to realize your life has gone by without you ever accomplishing anything.

#5 Addictions

This is the strongest pill to swallow for some?!? There are so many ways addictions can bury you, such as sex, drugs, alcohol or anything that has a tight hold on you. These things haunt you so bad it leads to depression and in some cases suicide.


These top five things are resolution and goal killers.  You should want to steer clear of these things in all of your future endeavors. I want you to live your best life in 2016. Get your plans in order, make a vision board for all the things you want to get done. Remember, the only way for your dreams to come true is for you to work your ass off to get it done. But you can’t do anything if you’re still settling in these five goal killers.



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