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Rosa Veleno, Is Hip Hop’s Hottest Newcomer

RV_epk_295 (1)Rosa Veleno, will soon become a household name who will be a force to be reckoned with. A Detroit, girl with a hip hop sound, but she’s much more than that. A model, actress, and even a Navy Veteran, Veleno is certainly one to watch out for in the hip hop scene. Veleno chats with Young Urban Voices Magazine to dish the news about her new project and YUV has all the dirt on what she said.


Young Urban Voices: What is your story told through your words?


RV: I am an American recording artist from Detroit Michigan who overcame grave obstacles and continually separates myself from statistical “norms”.


YUV: What is your passion?


RV: Music—entertainment period—is a big part of what makes me, me! I find comfort in humor and melody! Being able to express my feelings and authentically connect with others keeps me existent!


YUV: When did you start doing music?


RV: I was very shy as a kid, my mom use to cut the radio down to try and catch me singing! I started as an adolescent, the earliest recording I have of myself, is at about 11 years old rapping on a track in my big brother’s group.


YUV: When will your album be available?


RV: I don’t have a release date as of yet but I look forward to narrowing that down soon. We are definitely shooting for the first quarter of the year.


YUV: What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to deal with in life?


RV: Facing my fears of taking risks and deciding not to accept circumstance! There have been times in my life where I’ve copped out and believed I was incapable, constantly looking back to see how far I’ve gone instead of forward—towards the future. When I finally mustered up the courage to take a chance, I saw progression. Like making the decision to serve in the Armed Forces.


YUV: How did joining the Navy help create your musical sound?


RV: Well, the Navy shipped me off to my first tour in Naples, Italy! Initially, it was a huge culture shock to go from convenience being arms length, to appreciating time, new food, and different social norms. The music! Now? I love it all! I was exposed to House, Techno, Pop, and Hip Hop from a different perspective! Italians literally knew all the words to Kanye West’s music but didn’t speak a lick of English! Not to mention, a competition I won allowed me to understand how to target my audience, no matter who you are—from an Admiral to a soldier’s grandmother.


YUV: Rosa Veleno, how’d you come up with the name?


RV: It is actually Italian! I’ve gone through quite a bit of names over the years! After dropping Sheena Sheen, I wanted to choose something that had sugar and spice. I came up with Pink Venom! It worked for a while, but as I looked at marketability and the fact that Nikki Minaj surfaced with “pink” everything, I decided to Google Translate! I was taking Italian at the time, and asked my teacher about the literal translation and Rosa Veleno was born!


YUV: What is your ULTIMATE goal in life?


RV: Happiness! I realize that sounds a bit unconventional but its true! I’ve spent a lot of time trying to beat the odds and have come to the “cliché” conclusion that no amount of money sustains true joy! I want that for my family and myself.


YUV: Where do you see yourself in ten years?


RV: A flourishing career that filters outside of music into endorsement deals, licensing, acting gigs, etc. I’ll take a few Grammys, some millions, a kid, and a husband since we talking! Ha!


YUV: How do you handle “haters”?


RV: “Got a lot of haters but most of them really fans. Bet I put them in a room, they sing my lyrics like a band”! I love haters, they are also apart of my fan base! Work!


YUV: How can we learn more about you and your music?


RV: Please stay tuned and follow me on all of my social media outlets. Instagram, Twitter, Sound Cloud: @rosaveleno Facebook: @IamPinkVenom Coming Soon:


Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me Janae. I really appreciate you!! <3 RV

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