School Shootings vs Police Brutality 

By Jasmin Wells  
 Imagine being in class and thinking that everything was normal only to find out that fact would quickly change. Students on the campuses of a Sacramento city college were alerted to stay in classrooms and take safety precautions after campus police learned that there was a shooting. Three students were shot, leaving one student dead and the two others injured. Even though police don’t know what happened before the shooting, they believe that it escalated over an argument before the shooting accrued and the suspect left the scene. Sacramento police also believe that the suspect that they are looking for is also involved in another shooting that was committed that same morning.

“You are the lucky one. I will not shoot you if you give this to the cops,” a student in Oregon at Umpqua community college, Matthew Downing, was told by the shooter that was involved in the shooting on campus that killed nine students and injured nine others. Downing told police that he felt he was living inside of a horror film because he couldn’t believe that this was happening to him. He gave full details of what happened from inside the classroom, pointing out that the shooter was killing students because of their religious beliefs. Even though the killer did not shoot Downing, he feels he was left with something to live life by, by saying, “You never know when it’s going to be your last minute, so take it upon yourself to be more nicer to people.”

 pres. Obama 
A fight between two groups of students in Arizona is what escalated a shooting on Friday. One person was killed and three were injured in the first shooting at Northern Arizona University that involved a fraternity. The shooting at all three schools has given President Obama the fuel he needs to do something about gun control, and was the topic of decision when he talked to the families of all the persons involved. After reading all the articles on the different schools it made me wonder as to why when African Americans are killed, we don’t get this type of exposure from the media, or if we do, it doesn’t stay the topic long.

We never hear about what happens when an African American is killed by the media first. It is put on social media and then once it has been passed around enough the families might get lucky to get a fifteen second clip about their family member. I don’t know if we can ever change how society looks on our lives but just know that just because they are not reporting it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I am not trying to take anything away from the lives lost in these different events but I am furious to know that this is the type of stories reported inside of the loss of other races through the same senseless violence. Condolences to all the families for their lost ones you are continuously in our prayers.

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