Women Making History at the Emmy’s

Women Making History at the Emmy’s

By Jasmin Wells

 September 20. 2015 the 67th annual Emmy’s broadcasted nationally.

The Emmy has always had a reputation of being one of the “It” awards because not everyone has the chance to even be nominated. Every year many are honored for his or her’s amazing talent. Just like any other year, you didn’t fall short of amazement if you tuned in, because it was many first throughout the whole night.

Firstly, Tracy Morgan made his appearance to let all of his fans and supporters know that he was doing fine with the help of family and doctors. Although his appearance on the award show was a surprise, it was something that everyone has been waiting on. He presented the nominees for best drama series, emotionally, and even cracked a few jokes to let everyone know that he was coming back with a bang.

Morgan wasn’t the only one that stole the night, and to everyone’s surprise, Black women were taking over the night. Viola Davis took home the award for Drama series leading lady for her role in “How to Get Away With Murder” making her the very first black women to win this award. She took the stage and gave an amazing speech saying how she was very proud of how black women were displaying their talents and to encourage them to keep up the good work. “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win awards for roles that are simply not there,” Davis said as her many supporters cheered her on as she exited the stage. Later on through the night, Twitter went crazy with backlash about Davis’s speech by fellow actress Nancy Grahn, who later apologized about her remarks by saying she wished she got the roles Viola Davis did.

Next up, Regina King took the crown for the best supporting Actress in her role for the TV show “American Crime.” Going up against actresses like Angela Basset, and Monique, she took the stage and thanked every one of her supporters including her handsome son, that she brought as her date. Then Uzo Aduba took the stage and gave an emotionally amazing speech about her second award for her TV series “Orange is the New Black,” on Netflix. On the verge of tears, she thanked all her supporters, including her sister, who she stated was one of her biggest supporters and that she honored to be her sister.

Being a young black women, and watching those awards made me want to work a little harder on my dreams. Viola Davis, Regina King, and Uzo Aduba are all the women that should be looked up to since society really doesn’t have many positive black women that live in that limelight. To say that we made it as a race that night is an understatement, because even though it took them that long to recognize us as a group of talented individuals, we proved that we are still amazing with or without recognition. Congratulations on all of your future successes ladies, and congratulations to the rest of the nominees and winners.

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