Jadianna Larsen: The Mysterious Death of a Sacramento Child

By Chris Rivera

jadianna larsenYoung Jadianna Larsen was a 6 year old girl who loved to ride her bike and draw. She was well loved by those that knew her, and affected the lives of many. One man who knew her very well was Anthony Garcia, who lived in building that she lived in. He said “She affected my life by making me happy, she’d always recognize me and say hi Anthony, every day she saw me.”

David Clark, Jadianna’s grandfather, is still having trouble believing this horrible story is true, and said that Jadianna was his princess and his “little best friend.”

The Principal, Sue Gibson, of Bowling Green Elementary also mentioned that Jadianna, “was a bright, happy child – learning came easily to her. She saw the best in everything, was always glad to be around other kids and was easy to get along with.”

Unfortunately, Jadianna’s life was cut short. Her body was found in a suitcase placed in a burning field, in Glenn County, 60 miles away from her Sacramento home.

Her caretaker, who was her mother’s boyfriend, Juan Rivera and his mother, Lisa Burton, have been arrested with the murder of Jadianna Larsen. Juan Rivera told the officers that he suffers from epilepsy and blacked out for more than nine hours, and was waken up, from a seizure, by his mother who came over to check on him. He called the cops at 8:30pm, on Thursday, May 28th, when he realized that Jadianna was not in the apartment, at the Martin Luther King Jr. Complex, which was the home of Tanecia Clark, Jadianna’s mother. He also mentioned that he had last seen Jadianna since around 11 am.

Juan Rivera was arrested on Saturday for the murder of Jadianna Larsen, and was arraigned on Tuesday in Sacramento Superior Court. Juan Rivera’s mother, Lisa Burton, was also named as a defendant, and charged as an accessory. Prosecutors also said she assisted in the cover up of the murder.

Tanecia Clark was never a suspect in her daughter’s murder, Sgt. Lisa Bowman said, “the mother had a legitimate reason for not being around.” Family members of Tanecia Clark said that she checked herself into a medical facility for psychological problems about a week ago and left her daughter with her boyfriend Juan Rivera.

053015_jadianna_BN0018There were some people who knew both Juan Rivera and Tanecia Clark, and were surprised to find out that Juan Rivera was a suspect. Neighbor, Clarice Williams, mentioned how Jadianna, “was like a daughter to him. He took her everywhere he went. I don’t honestly believe he would do that. In my heart I know he wouldn’t do that.”

Cheetah Casborn, who was another friend of Tanecia Clark, and could not understand why Juan Rivera would kill Jadianna. “He loved the little girl,” Casborn said. “She was calling him daddy.”

The family wasn’t as optimistic for the man they hardly knew. Jadianna’s Uncle, Paris Stokes, said that, “The boyfriend of our sister is the only relation to this crime.” He also went on to say, “She trusted him with her baby and whatever happened is his fault, period.”


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