Caitlyn Jenner is Here and Ready to Play

Caitlyn posing for Vanity Fair shoot.
Caitlyn posing for Vanity Fair shoot.

It’s official now. Caitlyn is here and ready to play.

I was visiting family who had cable and my cousin was watching a TV special on Bruce Jenner. I watched the screen to find that Khloe and Kendall (I think) were upset about all this “Bruce is going to be gone” talk.

Under the impression that my cousin was a frequent watcher of the show, I asked her, “Why are they mad?”

“How would you feel if your dad came to you and wanted to be a woman?” she asked.

“Does it matter?” I reply.

“Yes it does. Would you be okay with it?”

“Yup. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“What would you call him? A he/she?”

“Nah, he’d pick one and I’d stick to that.”

“But he wouldn’t be your dad anymore and. . .”

I wondered if this was the kind of heat that Bruce faced. People were internalizing the issues and making about them. How would they feel. What they think about it. In process, they were neglecting Bruce’s feelings about his situation.

I still don’t understand how they could be upset with her for choosing to be who she is. In a world where everyone is too damn busy comparing themselves against impossible standards and what everyone else thinks, it nice to come across a seed that’s not about that life.

Maybe there’s something critical that I am missing from the story. I didn’t watch the whole special.

I don’t know much about the Kardashian-Jenner family. Not only am I not the person for obtaining information outside of Caitlyn but I also will not look it up on my own whim. Honestly, I didn’t know about them until this whole Bruce-Caitlyn thing started popping up. So to answer your question, yes, I do live under a rock. Rent’s cheap and I’m on a budget. Swing first.

I’m not making a big deal out of Caitlyn. She is free to be who she is. That’s great but its not Earth shattering information. People do this all the time. What is a big deal is that it’s a big deal. That person I know as this gender is now another one”, you think, “Gasp! The change!” Hate to take away from your ever-so glorifying shine but I have some bad news. It’s not about you or how you feel about that person’s decision. Need a tissue?

I look to find my cousin still rambling on. “That’s just wrong,” she says, “defying God’s work.” Oh, it’s God’s work you say? *Raises hand* I have a question. We live in God’s image, correct? Therefore, not only ourselves but our work and actions are in God’s image as well. So, tell me then Sherlock why would God create people who have created ways for people to do what Bruce did? Bruce made the decision to reveal Caitlyn and it is medically possible to do so. Religion has never been the best way to explain phenomena because it too is a phenomenon. Still, ideologically speaking, it ironically proves the opposite of defying God’s work.

Change is at the crossroads of new ideas and the hesitancy of accepting them. If change brought no friction whatsoever then there would be no change to begin with. Decades from now it’s going to be just like any other previously controverted issue. Back in the day, blacks and women weren’t allowed to vote in America. “Even still Those barbarians remain incompetent in the shadow of the white man!” they would say. What do we say now to those same “barbarians”? Welcome to the voting center. Your vote is important and equal to everyone else’s vote who votes here. People change all the time in all sorts of ways.

The mind is the steering wheel of the body. The mind operates a certain way and the body follows suit. For a woman to feel like a dude or vice versa is when the mind and body are not in sync. From there are two options: Force the mind to conform or let nature take its course. That is, let the body follow suit. I’m sure there some ignorant swines out there who think that Option A is prime-time. On paper, both can be valid options. In practice though it’s another story. With Option A the person gives in to societal demands at the expense of themselves. Man’s worst punishment is denial of self. In repressing the self, the self is lost. When the self is lost, so is man’s progress. When we don’t grow we aren’t just limited to yesterday. We are yesterday. Option B used to be a terrible idea because it was ineffective. There was only so much you can do within a human lifespan. A full transitional period and being able to witness it was far from likely. Modern medicine and ideas have turned the tables on this option. Now we can get more done in less time. Making Option B the better option since the self remains in tact.

What I don’t understand is why when Caitlyn manifests and takes on the world as her true self, everyone is losing their shit but when someone all of the sudden gets an ass and new eyelids with a matching set of elbows no one cares. Hell, we live in a world where you can get hair follicle implants. You read that right. We change because we change. That haircut isn’t suited for your new lifestyle. Stuff bags into our chest cavity so that we can have bigger boobies for no reason other than man-stealing. We can change damn near everything about our bodies. Does Dikembe Mutombo come out and cry, “No! No! No!” when we get to the erogenous zones?

Look here, Caitlyn is not the issue. She is doing what makes her happy and minding her business. The issue is that this and many articles, posts, panels, e-mails, text messages, voice mails, and codes exist. Take a step into the future, move along, and go about yours.

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