Voting Based on the Content of One’s Character

It seems today that many Americans still want change as they did during the race for presidency in 2008. During the time many hopeful citizens eagerly chanted “Change! Change! Change!” while Obama ran for his first presidential campaign. Many however did not know what type or to what extent they would obtain what they had asked for. With Obama’s current approval ratings at 47 percent, an important question to consider is whether the change America has received over the years has been beneficial towards maintaining the country’s status as a superpower. The United States is not in the same state it was in fifteen years ago, and with that in mind, an important question to ask is what does America need? Does the United States need to dramatically change, or would it be beneficial to readopt old practices that made this country successful early on.


Currently, despite how things are spun in the media, the United States is not in great shape in foreign affairs or domestically. This is evident in recent news headlines that show that the U.S is no longer as able to police the global arena as it once was. Currently, there has been a weak response against ISIS, while the U.S is also unable to easily persuade China to stop expanding further into the Pacific Ocean. This lack of presence has caused countries and United States citizens to further question America’s legitimate power status as a super power. In addition, many have lost faith in America’s economic stability as there is push to shift the World Reserve currency from the U.S dollar. Both first world countries and developing countries are working to end their reliance on the dollar such as India, China, Russia, Brazil, Iran, Australia, Germany, Chile and the United Arab Emirates. This is not surprising with America’s current national debt over 18 trillion dollars. These numerous examples, however simply make the presidential choice all the more imperative. There are essential characteristics the U.S needs in the next president, such as someone who is willing to cooperate with the other branches of the government, who means and does what they say they will do, and someone who will keep the promises they make to their citizens.

With the country’s dominance as a global power slipping, it is essential that people look at what solutions the up and coming presidential candidates can offer this country, and more importantly, if they are willing to put their money where their mouth is. A major mistake a person can make while voting for president is to strictly vote according to ones’ race or gender. When who becomes president of the United States is chosen more so based on achieving a minority president or a woman president, there is a problem. I hope that I am not misunderstood in what I am saying. I personally would love to have an outstanding woman president or an amazing president of color, however ultimately I want a president who can do their job efficiently and respectfully. The president should be chosen on the content of their character, and not the color of their skin or according to their gender. Many ask the question whether or not the United States is ready for a woman president, to which I say is the wrong question. The question should be, who can get America back to the state of success it was at fifteen years ago.

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