Fashion Friday: Age of Androgyny

Upon pretending to be busy and checking my email, I came across Jaden Smith wearing a dress. If I know about it, odds are that you found out about it three weeks ago.

Rocking it way better than I on a good day.
Rocking it way better than I on a good day.

Still to make myself feel better, let’s pretend that you didn’t know until I told you about it.

“Wha-? Are you for real Destiny?”

Yes, it is certainly a fact as I have sources in high places. I’m like the Shadow Broker from the Mass Effect Universe. Nothing happens without me knowing and no one knows that I know, giving me the full advantage. Except you, I trust you enough with my secret. But you can’t tell anyone else. Pinky swear? Awesome.

Anyway, now Mr. Smith is blowing up as an “Ambassador for Gender Equality” and do you know what I have say about that? I say it’s about damn time.

I think we as Americans are ass-backwards. We run around all day trying to get things done the fastest way possible.We’re too caught up in the results to even put into action the steps to get there in the first place. This is why this social problem of gender equality is more tangled than a wash n go hairstyle that has been detangled in years. We’re quantified. We’re too concerned with what it’ll be like and how easier things will be when to B that we forget to that we have to get there from A. The phrase “It’s the little things that matter,” doesn’t just float around as a cheesy philosophy point. It carries weight. Little things turn into big thingy-things.

That’s a fact. Don’t believe me? Solve this problem: 1+1=?. Answer: 2. What’s 2+1? 3. Little things combine for big-picture concepts. If you’re still in disbelief, take it up with your math teach in grade school because you’re doing it wrong.

With that said we have to start small before we can be big. Fashion is a great place to start with for the goal of true gender equality. Of course things aren’t going to change overnight but that doesn’t mean that through fashion we can’t change at all.

Fashion is art. And art is the perfect weapon for eliminating this box-worth of stereotypes that are all over the place.

We as a society find it humorous when a male is in female clothing and become sketchy of the alternative. In fact, some people make a living out of it. Together we can make more of that. After all, laughter is in my opinion the best form of education. Let us join the new Ambassador for Gender Equality and learn something!

Female or male. Child or adult. Nothing's off limits.
Female or male. Child or adult. Nothing’s off limits.

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