Past Tweets Haunting Trevor Noah

By: Chris Rivera


I’m pretty sure by now you have heard the news how the producers from the Daily Show, as well as Trevor Noah, are receiving harsh criticism for Tweets that Noah has made in the past. Some are arguing that Noah’s Tweets are offenses, where as Trevor Noah is arguing that they were just jokes “that didn’t land” and are no indication of who he is as a person. Comedy Central is also standing by him, as Jon Stewart’s replacement, stating, “To judge him or his comedy based on a handful of jokes is unfair,” (Sieczhowski).

Trevor Noah is being called an anti-Semite and a misogynist for his previous Tweets. In one Tweet he said, “Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn’t look B4 crossing but I still would have felt so bad in my German car!” In another Tweet he said, “‘Oh yeah the weekend. People are going to get drunk & think that I’m sexy!’ – fat chicks everywhere,” (Gibson).

The question that I would like to ask is, are we now living in a time where people can be punished for post or Tweets that people have posted in the past? This is relevant with the scandal that appeared with Liz Mair who resigned from being a digital strategist, for Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker, after backlash of criticism for posting Tweets that were critical of Iowa. (Gass).

With more and more teens growing up with social media, are they going to find it harder to get a job if they have unfavorable post? Or punished for post that they made when they weren’t mature enough to think about their actions? Are we to condemn everyone who makes a failed attempt at making a joke or those with views that differ from ours? What about comedians who don’t post offensive Tweets, but rather say them on stage? Are they now supposed to apologize for their material?


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