Nuclear Talks: What’s The Deal?!?

By: Micaiah Palmer

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According to the Associated Press in the article “No Nuke agreement yet: Iran talks push past deadline”, the talks regarding Iran’s nuclear deal set to bring the conferences to a close have been pushed further into the year to June 30th. The basics of the nuclear deal talks are rooted in the fact that Iran has been sanction by the United States and other countries due to Iran’s dabbling in nuclear activities.

To contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions, sanctions have been implemented to harm Iran’s economy, which would therefore force Iran to comply with the demands to suspend its nuclear activity. The United States, members of the European Union, Japan, the republic of Korea and other countries have acted strongly towards Iran’s nuclear ambitions (U.S Department of State).

According to the United States’ Department of State’s website, the sanctions were inflicted in hopes to:

  • 1) to block the transfer of weapons, components, technology, and dual-use items to Iran’s prohibited nuclear and missile programs;
  • (2) to target select sectors of the Iranian economy relevant to its proliferation activities; and
  • (3) to induce Iran to engage constructively, through discussions with the United States, China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia to fulfill its nonproliferation obligations (U.S Department of State).

However, according to in the article “Talks for a Framework of Iran Nuclear Deal Continue”, “Iran wants a peaceful nuclear energy program, but no weapons”. The article also states that Iran’s president Rouhani campaigned on the platform that he would “build back Iran’s economy by reducing its rifts with the outside world” (Talks for a Framework). The main points in which the nuclear talks are now discussing include:

  • How quickly or slowly Iran will be allowed to advance its nuclear technology in the last five years of the 15-year agreement (Labott).
  • How quickly the crushing U.N. sanctions will go away (Labott).
  • Whether sanctions will snap back into place if Iran violates the deal (Labott).


Nuclear weapons are a huge game changer in the global arena. In order to maintain global peace there has been a great push for nuclear disarmament (eradicating nuclear weapons). By disarming, many feel that nuclear threats would be minimized and aid in ensuring some degree of peace. With Iran’s nuclear activity many countries may decide to build up and maintain their nuclear programs to ensure their own safety. Although Iran claims that they are only seeking to use nuclear energy not nuclear weapons, even with such claims, many feel that global security can still decrease dramatically. Many believe that Iran cannot be trusted, and that by acquiring nuclear energy, Middle East relations will become even more complicated.


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