Fashion Friday: Are Multiple Colors and Patterns Tacky or a Statement?

Do more than taste the rainbow. . .Dress like it!
Do more than taste the rainbow. . .Dress like it!

I was chatting it up with my godmother a few weeks ago and she brought up an interesting notion about my clothing style. We were discussing the proper attire for going to interviews and being at the work place. She gave me many tips like wearing neutral colors and that you could only wear one pattern and everything else should be solid. Just the thought of that makes me feel heavy inside.

I’d wager that I am unaware of most style do’s and do not’s. The ones I do know I can count on one hand.

  • No plaid on plaid.
  • Umm…come back later maybe?

Outside of what my god mom told me, that’s all I got. Most of what she told me I don’t remember anyway. (Contrary to what most people believe, I am human.) With that said, I do wear plaid on plaid whenever I feel like it.

My clothing style wasn’t always what it is now. It has changed over time like I’m sure it has for many people as well. I started out with whatever my mom would put together as a child to whatever I thought she would have put together for me when I got older. From there it morphed into basketball shorts and a shirt that I may or may not have worn the day before. After all, when you play sports does it really matter since you’re going to get all the shirts sweaty and nasty anyway? On top of that, it was the easiest thing to assemble and there was little to no effort to put into it on my part. Fast forward to now and my current style can be described as many things. Some people have called it the byproduct of a rainbow and a WTF cloud. Others have described it as a cry for help. I prefer to think of it as a mindset. Every day when I wake up, I ask myself, “What day do I want to have?” Every day I have the same answer, “a colorful one.” I dress accordingly.

I used to hide away my yearning for color and dress like everyone else. I figured that giving them one less thing to tease me about would do me some good. Nope! That spot was filled with something else about in me in a millisecond. After that one day I woke up and it hit me, “Who are these people?”

I'm not saying I would wear this to a funeral but I would wear this.
I’m not saying I would wear this to a funeral but I would wear this.

Seriously, who are these people to tell me what I can and cannot wear and what is and isn’t in style? These restrictions are just basic observations of what everyone else is wearing. Since I’m not like everyone else I have no business dressing like them. Besides, these trends are changing every second Tuesday and Friday anyway. So what’s the big deal? Are the Fashion Police going to declare me guilty of first degree assault and battery of the color wheel?

For lack of a simpler way to describe it and since I name practically anything that I come across on a regular basis (Bessie, anyone?), of course I had to name my clothing style. Its name is IDGAF. Do you like it? It’s Latin for “Bump the Fashion Police!” I’m going to wear whatever colors that I what when I want. If I want to wear blue pants and red tartan top, guess what? I will. If a fashion policemen tells me that I cannot pair up a shirt with green and yellow polka dots with a blue and white striped skirt or whatever guess what? I will not because I want to not because I have to. I may abide the fashion rules every now and again since I am a rebel first which means that I have rebel against my rebellious style and switch things up. It won’t go past that. I’ll wear a tank top on top of a long sleeve shirt or tee because I’m a rebel like that. Who is that person of interest wearing a green plaid vest and plaid Michael Jackson pants? Oh, that’s me! Hi me! I’ll throw on all the colors of the rainbow so that way people can be in the presence of a rainbow that the can actually touch. I’m all about compassion here people.

I suppose this is when I ought to advocate the beginning of a new trend. A trend where you wear what you want when you want, yes? I will not be doing that. Trends are temporary. I say that we take on a new mindset or style. The IDGAF (pronounced i-dee-gaf) style is for all shapes and sizes. Wear what lets you feel great and be inspired. There are no boundaries besides dress like the day you want to have (if you can even call that a boundary). When the boundaries are endless, so are the possibilities.

Bump the Fashion Police!

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