The Race Called Life: A Poem

dreams27f-1-webBy Jessica Daniel

Day by day
Struggle by struggle
I keep pushing on
Running that race
The race called life

It doesn’t matter
How fast I run
What matters is
That I reach my destination
And receive the ultimate prize
At the end of the race
The race called life

Although obstacles come my way
I pray and ask God
To give me the strength
To face every battle
Every storm
Every mountain that I climb
In this race
The race called life

Although the race
Is not easy
I keep my eyes on the prize
My Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ
He is my ultimate prize

At the end of the race
When I receive my crown
From the One and Only
The One who made me
And gave up His life
For me

As I continue running this race
Every battle that I face
The obstacles in my way
At times
I feel tired and weary
Ready to throw in the towel
Ready to stop running

But just as I feel like giving up
He takes my hand
Picks me up
And carries me through
Every struggle
Every tear
Every heartache

He tells me
“Child, do not give up
For I am here with you
Running this race
Trust me
Lean on me
And do not despair

The obstacles that you face
In this life
Is temporary
And will soon fade away

When you get to the finish line
Know that everything you went through
Was in preparation
To bring you to victory

The struggles that you face right now
Are nothing compared to the blessings
You will receive at the end of the race
The race called life!”


  1. Than k you for this post. Yery well written. By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. NotgigglesBuychuckles nominated me and I am passing it on. Hope your can participate, this was my first time, so check it out. My post is tktled “I Was Nominated For A Liebster Award….” in the Reader, I think. Have fun.

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