Bored? Come to the Jungal!

Are you bored? Are your kids bored? Or weekend plans fell through but don’t want to be in the house all weekend?

Come see Jungal Book: The Play at Cosumes River College.

We have production later on this afternoon at 2:30pm and again tomorrow March 5 at the same time. We also perform this Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm. All shows take place in the CRC Black Box Theater.

Bring your face, your kids, siblings, heck, even someone else’s kids (hopefully you have permission of some sort) to this family-friendly production and knock out two birds with one stone. (Sorry, Chil. . .)

More than just the bare necessities.
More than just the bare necessities.

Tickets are $8 for students and seniors. $10 for everyone else.

Plan to get there a least fifteen minutes to ensure that you have the power over where you sit! Unless you have no problems sitting behind a six foot basketball player or right beside crying baby #3.

If you have other things to do then, be gone and spread the word to someone who isn’t! If not, what do you have to lose really? Switch things up and do something that you haven’t done before: Go to see Jungal Book: The Play!

When the play is over, stick around for a bit. Would love to meet you! I will be one with the afro and matching magic wand with a yellow star.

Cosumnes River College is at 8401 Center Parkway, Sacramento CA. The Black Box theater is located on the left side of the Visual Arts building coming in from the West Entrance.

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