A Shower A Day Keeps The Doctor On Call

Cleanliness. It is the distinction between echelons; the mark of prosperity. It is what compels me to pay an overpriced pet groomer.
We devote ourselves over-zealously to its cause because society commands us to, like it commands us to like Beyonce. Despite what we think, smelling like kiwi-mango is not the mark of overall health.

Recent studies have found that too frequent bathing can have a negative effect on our health. The majority of people bath on an average of once a day, some even two to three times a day.
This is far too much, according to health professionals, who now suggest bathing every other day, depending on a person’s lifestyle.

Factors include the regularity of public transportation rides and exercise habits. They also qualify this suggestion by recommending a daily, gentle cleanse of specific areas that require special attention like the face and privates.4026956760_2c4bbec768_z
Giving skin a recess between washings allows it to replenish itself, natural oils, bacteria and all. The skin produces its own natural oils which, despite the negative connotation of the word, are actually incredibly beneficial to the organ.

Oils works to seal out bad bacteria and to moisturize the skin. That’s right, that expensive product you’ve been paying big bucks for is, in a sense, being produced for free by your own body. Even those of us with already oily skin will benefit. Every time oil is striped from the skin, our bodies produce more oil to replenish the skin; so the less we wash the less oil we produce.

This also gives the dead layer of skin on our bodies the chance to fall off naturally. Scrubbing our epidermis every day with a loofah or washcloth is like picking at a scab, it just aggravates it. Everyone knows to let the scab fall off when it is good and ready, so why not do that with dead skin.

There is a stigma against oily skin and oily hair. We’ll never see Taylor Swift or Jimmy Fallon with intentionally oily skin. It is considered bad hygiene, when in reality it is a sign of ideal hygiene. We need to erase the stigma and bath with the repetition that is healthiest for our own individual bodies.

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