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In Keith We Trust: On The Rise in Hollywood

By Randall Rydell Russell

keith stanfield-short term 12

Keith Stanfield, heard of him before? He’s a young black actor who has worked with Don

Cheadle, F. Gary Gray, Michael K. Williams, and countless others, plus he’s a rapper. Here’s the scoop

about Mr. Stanfield.

From Victorville, California where he pursued his rap career, Keith was bitten by the acting bug

and appeared in a few plays but wanted to make the transition to film. He appeared in the short film

Short Term 12, where he believed his career would take off. It didn’t. He was passed over during many

auditions and had to take regular 9-5 jobs to make ends meet. He threw his aspirations to be an actor

out the window and just worked and made a couple rap tracks here and there.

Then, in 2012, he got the a call from the director of Short Term 12 who was telling him he was

making a feature out of the short and wanted Keith to reprise his role. Keith became the only actor from

the short to return for the feature. The feature did great in the indie world and a mass audience was

able to see the type of actor Keith is.

After that role, Keith was given a role as a villain in the action sequel The Purge: Anarchy

alongside Frank Grillo, Michael K. Williams and Edwin Hodge (the only actor to return from the original

film). He then portrayed Jimmie Lee Jackson in the historical biopic Selma.

Next for Keith, he will be starring alongside actor/director Don Cheadle in the Miles Davis biopic

Miles Ahead. Memoria alongside James Franco and Straight Outta Compton, the N.W.A. biopic directed

by F. Gary Gray where Keith will portray a young Snoop Dogg and appear alongside a group of young

black actors including Ice Cube’s son (whose playing Ice Cube) and Paul Giamatti who will play Jerry

Heller, the manager for the group.

From having the worst time finding work, to being in demand with some of the best names in

the industry, Keith Stanfield is going to make sure that you remember his name for many years to


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