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Smart. Sexy & Saved: Why Being Celibate Is A Good Thing

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Many people have their own opinions on this matter. But I have found saving myself for Mr. Right is a lot easier then settling for Mr. Right Now  or sitting in a doctor’s office wondering the results of a STD/HIV test. Actually there may be more virgins saving themselves for marriage then many people know about. There is no need to feel bad for being a follower of Christ and practicing celibacy or abstinence. One of the best reasons I can say people should slow down and wait for both sexes.

1.)  A Clear State of Mind

You don’t have to worry about feeling guilty after you’ve been with a partner and perhaps the relationship didn’t work out the way you wanted it. Several people believe in the term, “soul ties,” where your soul is literally tied to a person you’ve had sexual relations with. I’m not exactly sure about the realness of the soul ties. But I do know if you are not intimate with every guy or girl who comes your way you don’t have to worry about a reputation.  Also will the person call or text you later on, it’s just too much drama tied to casual sex. It’s much better to wait and find the right person.

2.) No Lies Or Bullcrap Stories

Both guys and girls create stories to get what it is they want.  We  have heard all of these lies before. Guys:  I don’t use condoms because it feels better without one. Ladies please don’t fall for this lie/excuse. Although that “might be true” it doesn’t hurt to use protection because you NEVER know who is lying about having a disease. Several people lie about their HIV status everyday, take for example a young lady you might have heard about named marvelynMarvelyn Brown, she was 19 years old when she became infected with HIV because she chose to trust her partner who didn’t want to use condoms. She later found out he gave her the HIV disease.  This is something that can happen to anyone. I repeat anyone! Wrap it up!

Girls: I’m on birth control. Guys don’t fall for that. That’s no excuse to not protect yourself from pregnancies if you are not ready yet to be a father. Also she may be a carrier of a serious disease and give it to you. Plus you  might end up in a terrible situation which you have to take on the responsibility of a child with a female you might not even like and become forced to pay child support for the next 18 years of your life. All this can be prevented by just using protection or staying abstinent or celibate.

3.) A Deeper Connection Too GOD

I believe once you have given yourself to JESUS. HE can answer all prayers and answers about yourself.  It is much more satisfying to wait for the right person than to have multiple partners..  Although I am a  realist I know people will engage in sexual activity I just say use protection and get tested regularly.


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