Back and Forth and Getting Nowhere

By: Destiny Byrant


Back and Forth and Getting Nowhere: Republicans Seek to Stop Obama’s Immigration Reform
According to, Obama proposal claims to do the following:
Strengthen Border Security
Provide a means of illegal immigrants to earn their citizenship upon arrival to the US. Provide an effective and clear system for immigrant arrival prior to the US.


Fight off companies and businesses that have been taking advantage of the current undocumented workers by exploiting them.
Obama seeks to fix a broken system where opportunities remain fair for all involved. House Republicans particularly, are not fans on the matter. Representative Michael McCaul of Texas calls Obama’s actions a means of “undermine[ing] the Constitution and threaten our democracy.” Some people aren’t too happy about it and take if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it mentality on the issue, stating that it’s not Obama’s place to even speak on the issue anyway.
His comments infuriated Representative Jeff Duncan, Republican of South Carolina. “The American people want to see border security, they want deportations,” he said.
Is that truly what the American people want? And what are the long term consequences of that?
Some states have passed laws to crack down on illegal immigrants in the past, and it didn’t go well. Take Georgia for example.


In 2011, the state of Georgia passed a law that gave police the right to demand proof of citizenship or legality status upon being suspected for other violations and intensified the punishments that came with hiding or hiring illegal immigrants. The Pew Hispanic Center claimed that there were more than 425, 000 illegal immigrants in Georgia at the time the law was passed.
Soon after the law passed. The numbers dropped, and so did its economy.
When the illegal immigrants were deported, they left their jobs. With fifteen percent of jobs being held by undocumented workers. Someone, or something is bound to notice when all those workers go black.
This something was the agricultural economy. It was shot. Turns out that most of the undocumented workers in Georgia worked in the fields. With those workers now gone, many of that year’s crop went unharvested which drove prices for the crops that survived up and the need for a replacement worker base up. It was an economical nightmare.
Perhaps, the Republicans are right about the president overstepping and making decisions beyond his realm. Regardless, both the president and the Republicans have the responsibility to do what’s best for the population of the United States and prevent legislative mayhem. This little power struggle going on in the White House over who gets to make the decision distracts everyone from the real issue at hand. There is a population of individuals that haven’t been attended to for quite some time yet they can keep breaking their backs for low wages and jobs that even the American people don’t want. The decision should be made on the basis that whatever’ll be implemented will be fair to everyone involved-whether you’re here legally or not. Let’s not let history repeat itself through the United States. I think we can all agree that finding a way to move forward that benefits all involved is a whole lot better than just chasing our tails like dogs.

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