The Mike Brown Verdict



By Jessica Daniel

It is a sad day for Ferguson, Missouri, as many of us have heard the news regarding the verdict of the police officer Darren Wilson who was not charged for the murder of 18 year-old Mike Brown. The grand jury’s decision to let Officer Wilson go without indictment, despite the evidence that was there that he had fatally shot Mike Brown (who was unarmed and innocent) seven times, caused an uproar and disappointment among people not only in Ferguson but all over the country. This tragic and ridiculous act of murder of our black youth due to the abuse of power from law enforcement ignites racial tension, hatred, devastation and fear that an officer or anyone else like George Zimmerman for that matter, can literally get away with murdering our brothers, sisters and children.

As I think about the many acts like this that are taking the lives of people in the black community, it makes me wonder how so much hatred and racism can still exist in this country today. The immediate response for situations like this would be an act of revenge through more violence and hatred, but honestly, that would not get us anywhere and would still cause many problems for us. If we want change, we must be the change by letting go of hatred for one another and instead, love one another.

The jury may have decided Officer Wilson’s fate and countless others who were never charged for the killing of innocent black youth and other minorities, but the ultimate fate and judgment of those men lay in God’s hands. True justice for the murder of Mike Brown will one day be served.

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