Aaliyah:Princess of R&B

Yesterday the Lifetime network aired the long anticipated biopic film of the late great Aaliyah Haughton. This young lady was a talented artist and an inspiration to all. Her life was cut short due to a plane crash in the Bahamas.  She died at the age of 22. This left several fans feeling robbed of her talents.  They wanted another chance to remember her.
This film, Aaliyah: Princess of R&B starred Alexandria Shipp portraying the “highest exalted one” Aaliyah.  The film was already met with some controversy as to whether her family wanted this film to be done in the first place and had no right to use her music. 
Many fans are outraged over the lack of commitment to accurately portray her life story in a way that drew them closer to her. I will admit that the casting alone was hard to watch with the representation of Timbaland, Missy Elliott,  R. Kelly, Dame Dase. It appeared the film failed to show the star power this woman had. I felt as if I was watching an after school special.  There was no playing of Aaliyah’s signature classics. With all the biopic films going on that this could have been better.  I hope in the future her family gives her a proper film and we the fans get a chance to relieve Babygirl’s music and legacy just one more time. 


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