Weaving Through A Cycle of Violence: Know The Signs



Every two minutes, a person is being sexually assaulted. Forty four percent of victims are under the age of 18 and 80% are under the age of 30. Sadly, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) 60% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police. Sometimes these incidents are committed by someone the victims knows, this could be a boyfriend, spouse, or even a family member.

There are several effects of sexual assault and domestic violence that victims typically go through when they’ve been exposed to this kind of environment. Often times, they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, substance and or drug abuse and an overwhelming feeling of guilt, shame or even embarrassment. Many victims are lead to believe the attacks are “their fault,” which they are not.

There are places where they can seek help, and leave that environment. The WEAVE Foundation is a place that counsels women, children and is also open to men who are victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking. The organization started with five Hispanic women in 1975 that were helping women who happened to be in volatile situations escape their environment; thus creating the: Women Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE

The WEAVE program offers counseling, support groups, job readiness assistance and case management as well as temporary shelter through its Safe house.

Meagan Laurie community events and relations manager
Meagan Laurie, the Events and Community Relations Manager

“We helped serve 188 women and about 188 children and two men this fiscal year with the Safe house,” said Meagan Laurie, the Events and Community Relations Manager.

Building self-awareness and self-confidence is pivotal to healing from the pain of abuse. The program offers several resources that help women get re-adjusted to society. Along with the counseling they do, the organization offers FREE walk-in triage assessment. As well as job training programs where the clients are able to do resume workshops, shop at the WEAVE Works Thrift shop which offers professional job ready clothing. Clients are able to stay in the Safe house for a total of 90 days given that they go through their program and graduate. Transitional housing is offered to them as well where they can reside for almost two years. A charter school is also provided for school age children and a Play care for ages 4 and up. Those who are needing legal advice can contact a certified lawyer through accessing their legal services, which offers classes on restraining orders, divorce workshops, and child custody information.

“Knowing that people are hurting and leaving this place healed, is a really big thing to me,” said Ariana Vaughn, Assessment Counselor at WEAVE in Midtown.

Ariana Vaughn assesment counselor
Ariana Vaughn, WEAVE assessment counselor


“I’ve been helping on the support line and listening to their stories, that’s been very powerful to me,” added Vaughn.

There are various forms of abuse that several people may not even think of as actual abuse, some of which may be, emotional/mental, verbal, physical, financial and spiritual, WEAVE provides an education in prevention of this.

“A lot of young men and women don’t always have a clear understanding of what it truly is. We are letting them know what could happen to you and what you could do to prevent it, not only to yourself but to your friends as well, said Meagan Laurie.

When speaking about the ratio of victims coming to the Safehouse, there was a disproportion of people coming from 95823 many of those in low income areas which is why there are two locations offered in Sacramento.

You can contact WEAVE about its numerous services provided and 24 hours support and information line by calling (916) 920-2952 or visiting www.weaveinc.org

WEAVE Counseling Office Midtown location
WEAVE Counseling Office Midtown Location


WEAVE Midtown          WEAVE South         WEAVE Works Thrift Shop

1900 K Street              7600 Hospital Drive, Suite 1     2401 Arden Way

Sac, CA 95811    Sacramento, CA 95823.       (916) 643-4606 (Open 7days a week)





  1. Love this company, this is the best time to inform everyone especially with this Ray Rice situation.
    I personally don’t need WEAVE services ( THANK GOD) but I have never heard of it.
    This company should be more advertised.
    Thank you for getting them out there.

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