Staying Focused on Your Goals




By Jessica Daniel

When you have a dream or a goal in mind that you want to accomplish, whether it is to graduate college, find a good job or a career, write a book, be successful in life or whatever it may be, there is always going to be some type of obstacle in the way to keep you off track of accomplishing your goals. But the most important thing to remember is to stay focused and know that no matter how tough it may be at the moment for you to accomplish your goals, the obstacle that you may be facing right now is nothing compared to the blessing that is waiting for you.

Staying motivated and determined to achieve any goal that we have for ourselves during times when we just want to give up can be hard. For example, you may be struggling in college trying your best to comprehend a certain subject, like math or science, and in order to graduate, you need to pass those classes. Or, you may have applied for a job, and it gets frustrating when you don’t get hired even if the interview goes well. No matter how frustrating and tempting it is to give up on your goal, especially when life throws unexpected curve balls your way, don’t give up! Stay strong and believe that you can and will achieve your goal.

Although it can be a long and hard process to get to where you want to be in life, the process it takes to get there is well worth the struggle it takes to experience the joy of graduating college or starting a career. Whatever dream or goal you have in life, just give it to God, and He will make a way for that dream of yours to come to a reality. Stay focused and trust that He will provide.

So continue to dream big, setting goals for yourself and know that through Christ you can do all things.

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