Chicago Teen Finds Colon Cancer Cure

Chicago Native Kevin Stonewall

Recently,  we have heard all about the high crime rates coming out of the streets of Chicago.  Which has mostly given our African American males a bad reputation. We hear about the gun violence, gangs and the outrageous murder rate. But for some reason like always the bad outweighs the good.

There are never reports on the hundreds if not thousands coming out of Chi-town making huge differences in society. Don’t think they exist? Here is a fine example of one that I happened to stumble upon through social media , not mainstream media. Although, this is certainly deservance of attention.

Chicago Native Finds Colon Cancer

A Chicago native, Kevin Stonewall, may have found a cure to colon cancer. According to reports, he has found a critical age related drawback in an experimental vaccine aimed at preventing colon cancer in mice. Supposedly, a current sophomore and biomedical engineering major at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is following his passion on science and cancer research.

He has helped doctors find specific vaccine treatments for the elderly, which may be the biggest group impacted by the disease.  Stonewall, was first interested in the research when a family member was taken by the disease. He decided to find a cure.

He has won several awards for his research and is listed as an author at the Society for ImmunoTheraphy of Cancer in Washington D.C.  This young man is becoming a part of medical history. These are the kinds of stories our society should be reporting on our black men. All of our young black males, are not dropouts, drug dealers, dead beat dads. There are several young men doing admirable things, yet stories like these get little to no limelight. Just like the story, about a young man , African American  who gets accepted to not one, but several Ivy League colleges.

Our society needs to know that we are more than what they portray us as on television. But until we as a people begin to speak up things will never change. We are much more than stereotypes placed upon us, way much more.

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