Khloe’s New Man: French Montana or French Fraud?

Kloe and French Montana

I have to admit, upfront, that I am not a huge Kardashian fan.  While I don’t know any of them personally, I’m just not entertained by their shows and constant media presence.  It just seems to be overkill for a group of people who are simply famous for being famous.  My husband, however, is a huge reality TV fan, so on many Sunday nights, I was subject to the torture of watching these shows.

During one weekend when he was out of town, I wised up and deleted their shows from the scheduled recordings.  By the time he noticed what I had done, it had been months since he’d watched them and had lost interest.  (Winning!)  Unfortunately, the internet and social media sites don’t offer the same deletion options, so I am still privy to the boring details of all things Kardashian.  Hey, can’t win ‘em all.

In searching the web, I noticed that Khloe Kardashian is dating the rapper, French Montana.  In a subsequent story, I saw that she was, in effect, “warned,” of his behavior from his estranged wife.  (Pause.)  Did that article just use the word, “wife,” in connection to French Montana, or were my eyes deceiving me?

Upon further investigation, I found that I did, indeed, read the title of the article correctly.  It did refer to French Montana as having an “estranged” wife.  I scrolled down to read an article that talked about him filing for divorce and paying an amount in a settlement, but I am unclear whether or not French is actually still legally married.  Yikes.

Because of this, I have some concerns.  First, if French is indeed divorced, then why is the media referring to his ex-wife as his estranged wife?  Ex and estranged do not have the same meaning, and to use them interchangeably is incorrect and also causes for confusion.  One thing that no one wants, especially if that person is out dating and living footloose and fancy free, is to be mistakenly accused of being married.  Not cool.

Secondly, if he is still legally married, then I have some concerns about Khloe.  Part of the reason that she and Lamar divorced was because of his infidelity, yet, if Khloe is knowingly dating a man that is still legally married, then she seems to be taking part in the same behaviors that destroyed her own union with Lamar.  Now, I know that some will read this and say that even if French is still legally married, he’s obviously separated, an answer to which I will give an over the top eye-roll.  Married is married; separated is still married, and divorced means single.  Since these distinctions became part of law, people have been using the term “separated” as a get out of jail free card to act single, only to re-commit after the prospect of divorce gets too real.

As such, one who truly values marriage (or even one who claims to be so destroyed by infidelity in her own marriage), should leave a man be, until he shows up with those papers in his hand.  Just like you aren’t legally married without the marriage license, you aren’t legally divorced without the divorce decree.  I would have expected more from Khloe because she always seemed (or they always edited her to look like—depends on your thoughts of reality TV) to be the level-headed one.  If French Montana really is still legally married though, I’m definitely going to have to change my mind about my assessment of Khloe.

But back to the original question, “Is French married or not?”  As much as I hate this reality TV stuff, things like this always seem to get me sucked in, once again.  But, seriously, can anyone update me about his marital status?  The people have a right to know.

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