Single and Waiting


By Jessica Daniel

It seems like everyone you know is in a relationship. You may have friends who are dating right now or have gotten married to their soul mate, and you can’t help but wonder why you haven’t met your soul mate and why you are still single, especially when people around you ask “Why haven’t you met anyone?” That is a pretty common question that many people who are single get asked. I get asked that question myself sometimes as a young woman, “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” and I just smile and say “I’m not ready for one yet.” I would rather be single and wait for the right one to come along than to rush and settle for the wrong one.

Many people believe that in order to be happy and whole one should be in a relationship. Some even settle for whoever comes along regardless of how he or she treats them because they want to be with someone so bad. The truth is, no man or woman can ever make you truly happy and whole or fulfill the deepest desires of your heart. It is up to you to find that true joy and fulfillment within yourself by discovering the one who gives you that joy and fulfillment inside of you, which is Jesus. Being single is a great opportunity for each of us to discover our self-worth and who we are in Christ. It is the most important time of our lives as we learn to love and feel good about ourselves and never settle for less because God has the absolute best in store for each and every one of us. He knows who our spouse will be because He set aside that special someone just for us. God knows and can truly fulfill the desires of our hearts if we learn to trust Him and wait for that man or woman He has in place for us to marry.

Being single and waiting for the right person for you is not a bad thing at all. In order to be ready for any relationship, you first have to feel content and happy with who you are as an individual. For me, being single is a time for me to grow in my relationship with God as He shapes and molds me to be the young woman He is preparing me to be for the man I marry someday. Until then, I am happily single and waiting.

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