JM Publications Needs YOUR Help!


We are running a campaign on Indiegogo to get sponsored backers for our upcoming projects.

 We hope to publish a 2nd book title, Daddy’s Home as well as launch an official website for Young Urban Voices, create an Online digital and Print publication. 

We are seeking only $2,000 for the cost of editing, graphic design layouts, publishing, production and advertising of all projects. We hope to meet our goal by September 13. You can find out more about our project below.

All donations will go towards funding JMP projects and we will provide monetary contributions with free featured ads on our newly launched site and magazine. As well free autographed publications such as books, films and publications by Janae Marie.

About Us

JM Publications is a boutique publishing house that produces books, films and soon magazines. Started by Janae Marie herself, a successful single mother with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts/Journalism and an immerse passion for the written word.

JM Publications has published it’s first book in 2012 entitled Flirting with Temptations. The mission behind JMP is to educate, inform and entertain people through a mass variety of projects.

We strive to tell the stories of minorities in a positive light through our online publication Young Urban Voices. We plan to turn this site into a digital  and print publication by 2015.

We showcase the true stories of entrepreneurs, authors, motivational speakers and artists. We’ve recently interviewed CEO of Codeblack Entertainment Jeff Clanagan as well as Braxton Cosby which is the nephew of Bill Cosby and various other significant individuals.

My Mother Donna is the first film, produced by JM Publications which plans to produce several books, films and our first magazine publication.

What We Need & What You Get

JM Publications is seeking to raise $2,000 to publish a new book title Daddy’s Home and launch an official website for our 1st magazine issue. These funds will go towards, the editing, production, graphic design and advertising of all projects of JM Publications.

Through your contributions you will be helping a vision come to light. We can provide you with a free advertisement in our issue as well as a special “thank you.” mention post on our site and all social media sites.

The Impact

This publishing house began as a way for Janae Marie to produce various  different projects such as books, film and publications. Specifically, we want to give a voice to African Americans doing admirable things throughout their communities. Whereas, these groups usually get a bad reputation in the media.  We strive to be unique, creative, and informative with our content  and projects.

Risks & Challenges

This is a start-up publication that is still relatively new so we are indeed still working on building a name and brand for ourselves but the passion my writers and I possess surely makes up for this. We plan to tell the story of the community by the written word and visual films. JM Publications appreciates all the funds contributed to this project.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help spread the word about our campaign through Indiegogo and ALL social media sites.

Submit to us YOUR story and we will feature you on our site and magazine.

Please inform us if you are interested  in becoming a sponsoring partner to either JM Publications or Young Urban Voices.



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