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Young Urban Voices sits down for a chat with Dee Dee M. Scott, a very talented author who writes fiction, poetry, and plays. She is currently working on her first featured film, Lake House.

Young Urban Voices: So, Ms. Scott, you are an author and have written many books, and now you are working on a new film. Is this your first film? What is it about?

Dee Dee M. Scott: Yes, this is my first film. I have produced and directed my stage-plays: (My Husband’s Woman and You Reap What You Sow, but this will be my first movie. Lake House- based on my novel, and directed by Danny L. Scott, is a psychological horror film with a twisted ending you will never see coming.

When twenty- year- old Tia leaves her cheating boyfriend she hopes to start a new life. Along her trip to Virginia, her car breaks down and she is stranded. When Pearl White offers Tia help and a ride to town, Tia accepts, believing she is safe. Little does Tia know that Pearl has a dark and terrifying secret that could bring death to her.

Young Urban Voices: That’s exciting! Do you have a release date for when the Lake House will come out? And what led or inspired you to decide to make this movie based on your novel?

Dee Dee M. Scott: It will be released in 2015.  My Husband. He read the book and knew that it was movie material.

Young Urban Voices: How long did it take you to write the script?

Dee Dee M. Scott: Close to six months. The re-writes took longer, and the shooting script will likely end up having minor revisions during shooting.

Young Urban Voices: Where is the movie being filmed and how was the process of finding the right people to play the roles?

Dee Dee M. Scott: Lake House will be filmed in different parts of South Carolina, but mainly, Columbia. The process for auditions was simply us searching for people with the right energy,  appearance, chemistry and talent to fit the roles. After months of auditions, the cast was selected.

Young Urban Voices: Do you plan on making more movies in the future and what genre of films would you see yourself focusing on?

Dee Dee M. Scott: Yes. I write books and also script write in many different genres. I plan to shoot more horror movies as well as movies in many other different genres.

Young Urban Voices: What advice would you give young people who are inspired to one day become writers and film makers?

Dee Dee M. Scott: Intern  at a production company if you can. It will teach you a lot about the industry and you will gain valuable work experience. The next thing is to study. Learn everything you can from  screenwriting to film editing. However, the most important advice I can give is: to lose the naysayers, work hard, believe in yourself,  be willing to learn and never be afraid. Go boldly after your dreams!

Young Urban Voices: Who has been your biggest influence in your life that led you to writing and film making?

Dee Dee M. Scott: Other than  Jehovah God and Jesus, for  allowing me to understand that I can do all things through faith in them, I would have to say my husband. From day one, he believed in me and supported me. Everything that I needed, whether if it was for me to attend film school or workshops, he worked tirelessly so that I could. He worked hard so that I could see my dreams come to life and for that I am very grateful.

Young Urban Voices: That’s a blessing. Thank you so much, Ms. Scott, for your time! Was there anything else you would like to add about your film or anything at all?

Dee Dee M. Scott: No. Thank you and YUV. Have a blessed night!

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