mike epps and kevin hart

Comedian Vs Comedian

By Randall Rydell Russell

A few weeks ago, something strange came over the world wide web that took everyone by a strange surprise. Comedians Mike Epps and Kevin Hart began beefing on Twitter, which each one got to get a lot off of their chest, and it didn’t stop.

Mike Epps was on a radio interview saying that he felt Kevin Hart is over hyped and a pretty much ‘Hollywood’ owned comedian who is a by the numbers comedian and actor who is just hot at the moment. Any person in any part of the entertainment industry had heard that being said about themselves would take that as an insult.

Kevin Hart then took to Twitter to personally tell Mike Epps that he is just jealous that Kevin Hart’s career is much larger than his and Mike Epps hasn’t been hot since the mid 2000’s which sadly is very true.

Mike Epps first was seen on screen in the little known Vin Diesel film Strays which was written, directed, produced and starred Vin Diesel in 1997. Epps played one of Diesel’s friends. Epps truly made a name for himself when he appeared as Day Day Jones in Next Friday, the cousin to Ice Cube’s character Craig. He received rave reviews and became a household name. He also appeared with Ice Cube in All About The Benjamins, Friday After Next, Janky Promoters, and Lottery Ticket as well as other pictures where he’s played the comic relief but also some dramatic roles. His strong suit is his comic career where he is quite the character.

Kevin Hart began in the comic world where he would be on shows like Comicview and Comedy Central Presents. In 2004, he starred with Snoop Dogg in Soul Plane and several supporting roles in film and television. His comic appearances and movies sell out theatres. His film career began to take off when he made the film Think Like A Man which was a box office success. He recently appeared in Ride Along alongside frequent Mike Epps collaborator Ice Cube. The film was a huge success and he has several other films slated for release this summer including Think Like A Man Too.

This beef is almost juvenile but for both of their careers and the tabloids it’s a gold mine. Both of these comedians are great in my book. Mike Epps is more street, Kevin Hart’s is more commercial, but each has their own swag that works for the stage and film. Mike Epps has cooled off and not been seen in a major film in quite some time, while Kevin Hart has already had three movies released in the past six months and two more to go. It’d be nice for them to cool the beef so that Ice Cube can finally do a Last Friday and bring another comedian by the name of Chris Tucker back into the mix so that all these different forms of comedy can grace the screen. We need to do better.

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