Concerns For the Future

By Randall Rydell Russell


We live in a day in age where everyone wants everything right and now without having to answer to anybody. But this epidemic is showing it’s true colors through our youth. Most kids between 9 and 17 in low income areas are becoming more drawn to drugs, fighting and violence than usual. Kids smoking pot, drinking and engaging in sex is nothing new, but the ages of the ones starting are getting worse.

Most of these kids are being raised by parents who are barely 30 and they themselves are the products of bad upbringing and they have instilled these mindsets onto their children, giving most people who have their stuff together bad views on these kids.

Here’s the thing coming from an at risk youth myself, you have to find your balance or thing you’re good at that’s positive and embrace it in a big way. That can be anything from art, filmmaking, music, sports, agriculture to maybe even helping other kids like I did.

The one thing these kids need to understand is that the world isn’t against you unless you put yourself in the situation to not be helped. To the point you are so disillusioned with what you’ve learned that that is the only thing that crosses your mind, leading to a life of crime, debauchery and violence.

We have to do better in this world or our next generation will see the crumbling of society. There is hope left in this world people. We just have to be strong enough to dig deep and find it. If  I can make it, anyone can.


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