Slain Sacramento Woman Was Youtube Fashionista

Meesha Ridge, designer, photo courtesy of her YouTube Channel
Meesha Ridge, designer, photo courtesy of her YouTube Channel

This past Wednesday, Thirty-one year old, mother of three, Tamisha Evette Glashen, who also went by the name of Meesha Ridge was fatally shot to death in her own home by her ex-boyfriend, Dameshlo Green, 34. Green, who turned himself in for a parole violation, was later arrested by officers and taken down to Sacramento County Jail for Homicide.

Ridge was a charismatic young lady with a bright future. She showed the world how to create, and design fabrics on a budget. Also, she had an online fabric store by the name of Sweet Baby where people could purchase clothes from her. Being an online hit, Ridge had over 140,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel.

A fellow fashion designer from Mississippi Lauren Taylor was also one of Ridge’s followers and remember that she had such a wonderful, positive and upbeat personality.

Her Youtube follwers have taken to social media to express their sympathy with the hastag, #MeeshaTaughtMe
Which has been trending on Facebook and Twitter.

According to ABC News 10, Homicide investigators say Green snuck into her bedroom and opened fire. Several relatives and Ridge’s three children were inside of the home at the time.

It is very sad that this young lady with such a bright future who was at the brink of her Fashion Career life was cut short to such foolishness. I pray the families are coping well during this time.

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