The Lust & Sex Chronicles: Taming Mr. Right

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The Lust & Sex Chronicles: Taming Mr. Right -My Warning…Starts

My Warning

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. How are you? My name is Jeffrey Willis but I sometimes go by the

alias of Harold Ian Victor. I’ll tell you more about that later. I don’t need to tell you everything

about me, I’m sure you don’t care anyway. But I will tell you what you want to know. I am a

young man of about twenty two years of age. I am extremely good looking. I’ve been told by several

women and a few guys as a matter of fact. I am chocolate brown with deep dark eyes. I drive a nice

car and make a nice amount of money. Women love to buy me things and do whatever with me. I

don’t stop them because hell what man wouldn’t like that shit. But where some women usually fail

with me…they don’t focus on the inside. All women see when they are with me is this fine as face

and how I pleasure them. I am an addiction to most. Once I get inside you I never leave. You are

stuck with me forever. I don’t mind at first but after a few years I start to do damage to the body

and tear down the morality of your soul and self–esteem. No one wants to live with me but yet

they won’t protect themselves from me. Do I feel bad about what I do to people; HELLNO!

People are responsible for their own actions. We are a part of an ignorant society where

carelessness reigns supreme. We play ourselves repeatedly just for an hour or two of satisfaction

that we don’t care about the repercussions of our actions. I remember this one saying I heard, “If

looks could kill.” I laugh at the mere thought. Because sometimes they just do.

Before I reveal to you everything about me; I must take you back to where all the chaos started

and explain to you how I ended up in the place I am now. I’ll begin with my life in high school

this is where things began to get crazy. But I must tell you, my story. I sometimes like to torture

those who don’t care about the feelings of others. People are so selfish and thoughtless it makes

me sick to my stomach. The total lack and disregard to humanity is sickening.

girl lays hand on guys chest

Chapter 1

I am posted by my locker waiting on this English class to start and I see Melissa Owens the finest

chick in the whole Chadsey high school. She walks past me every day. She is perfection everywhere

from her titties, ass and hips but she was a complete bitch. Melissa was the meanest and most

stuck up girl I’ve ever meant. All that beauty most of went to her head cause she walks around

like she is the shit. I’d like to fuck the shit out of her then beat the shit of her for messing with my

little sister Geneva.

“Hey, Geneva, where did you get that shirt from? I really like it.”

“Thanks.” she says.

“Yeah I liked it when it came out last season. Damn, why are you so poor? I feel so bad for you.

Hell, if it wasn’t for your brother I’d feel sorry for you.” She said laughing as she walked away.

Melissa made her way over to me. I played it cool like I always did. I let the hoes come to me like

they always do with their stupid asses.

“Hey Jeff, what’s up? You look good today.”

“What? Today, I look good every day. But why you always bagging on my sister, that shit ain’t cool


“Okay, I’ll stop. But I can’t believe you two are related. You’re so different.”

“What’ sup with you and me?” I said as I pulled her by the waist closer to me and stared deep into

her eyes.

“I don’t know, what is up with us? That’s your call. What you doing after school?” She questioned.

“You, if you let me?” I said to her. I couldn’t believe how fast girls eat this shit up I mean damn! All

I said was what she was doing after school and the bitch was putty in my hands.

“What time are you free?”

“I’m free whenever you are Ms. Melissa. Just one thing I have to know; my place or yours.” I

whispered into her ear.

“We can do it at my place; I don’t live that far away from here.” She said.

“Alright, just hit me up after your last class.”

“I sure will.”

“Alright, sweetie, I look forward to it.” I said as I gave her a little pat on the behind. She looked back

at me and smiled as she walked away to class. My sister walked right up to me and punched me

lightly in the chest.

“What, Geneva?”

“How can you mess around with her after the way she treats me?”

“Stop worrying. I put a stop to all that. You won’t have to worry about her messing with you

anymore after I’m done with her ass tonight.”

“Jeffrey, please tell me you’re not going to do what I think you are?”

“What’s that?” I laughed.

“You can’t!”

“And pass up on that phat ass. I don’t think so little sis! But trust me; she won’t be the same after

being with me.”

“You are a mess! You are talking about…you are going to…”

“Shh! everybody doesn’t need to know. Aren’t you late for class sweetheart?”

“You lucky, I’ll see you at home.” Geneva said.

“Alright order something, you can’t cook!” I yelled out to her jokingly.

“Shut up!” She yelled back while on her way to class.

I loved my sister she was the only one that meant something to me. Nobody else mattered to me. I

didn’t give a fuck about nothing or no one. I was all about me and I didn’t give a fuck. My pops

already scarred me for life so why should I care about the thoughts and feelings of others. I just hate

selfish people who mess with mine.

I finally made my lazy ass over to my English class but Mr. Pratt was late so I decided to catch up

with a few of my boys who were in the class with me.

“Hey, Jeff man. I heard you were down with Melissa Owens. Man!! Do you know about her?”

“What, that she fine as fuck?”

“Naw man, she out there she’ll do it to just anybody I heard.” Bryant one of my friends said.

“Shit, probably true man. Look at the body on her. You can’t tell me ole’ girl ain’t been around the

block but she ain’t gone know what to do once she done with me.”

“I feel you on that one man” My friend Scott said.

My teacher finally made it in talking about how he was running late because he had a flat tire or some

shit. I was half listening I was thinking about nailing Melissa’s fine red bone ass. I couldn’t wait to

get her alone.

Later that Day, I met Melissa at her locker talking to a couple of friends. I tapped her on the shoulder

and I guess she was startled because she looked surprise that I was standing in front of her.

“You ready?”

“Oh yeah, I’m ready.”

“You change your mind or something?”

“No, I just thought you were going to back out.”

“No I thought you were going to back out. Hello ma.” I said to her friend Jennifer, a short little brown

skin cutie. She wanted to be like Melissa so bad. I could tell she wanted me too. Maybe once I was

done with her I’d bone her friend later.

“Alright I’ll talk to you later Jennifer.”

“Alright, call me later girl!”

Melissa just smiled and turned. She put her arm around my waist and kissed me on the cheek. This

girl just didn’t know what she was doing to me I was ready to take her right now. We walked to

Melissa’s car as she drove us over to her place.

Melissa had a nice home in a quiet little suburban neighborhood. She was a spoiled kid who got

whatever the hell she wanted. And right now she wanted me and I was about to let her have it.

“So where are your parents at?” I questioned her.

“At work of course, they don’t come home until midnight.”

“Mmhm, I like the sound of that. Look at y’all got plasma screens and entertainment systems. I’m

gon have to challenge you on that Xbox!”

“Naw, I’m pretty good at that. I’ll kill you in some Madden.”

“Whatever. But we know this ain’t what we came here for. So why are we stalling?”

“My bedroom is in there.” She said pointing to a closed door.

“Come on.”

She didn’t waste any time heading to the room. We locked the door just in case. I lay out on the bed

then she climbed right on top of me.

“Why you want to be with me? It’s so many girls in our school.”

Because you’re easy, damn! Why do girls always kill shit by talking? Just let me nut and get the fuck

on shit! I got other things to see and other people to do. Yeah, I meant what I said.

“I like you. You know that. Melissa you know you’re the prettiest girl in that school. Why you even

ask a question like that?” I said as I started to gently caress her thighs and her ass. She leaned into me

and began kissing me passionately. She rubbed her hand up and down my chest and slowly made

its way to my dick. This girl was a true freak! I knew what everybody was saying about her was true.

I couldn’t believe how forward she was. The way she grabbed hold of me and told me how she

wanted me to do her. I knew it would be on.

I thought about asking if this bitch had protection but what the hell. If she doesn’t say shit I won’t say

shit either. I was ready to pound her ass so I could go back to my boys and tell them how good it was

to be with Melissa Owens. I flipped her over and started feeling in between her legs. Women love

that shit, love getting that pussy wet. I took pleasure and hearing the moans come from her as she

grabbed on to my shoulders. I began to undress her and was pleased at what I saw. My hands rubbed

against her D size chest. I was going to lick this girl out. I finished undressing and was ready to lay

the pipe down on this broad. I lay her down, looked deep into her eyes and entered her warm, moist

pussy. This shit, never felt so good. What felt even better was listening to her moan my name

repeatedly. Only, if she knew what she was about to get from me. Over and over again, I penetrated

her and enjoyed every minute of it, making her come numerous times. After, I released my deathly

venom in this trick. She motioned for me to take the subway. I happily obliged. This silly girl just

didn’t know what I was going to do to her.

Melissa screamed my name over and over again as she grabbed hold onto me. The way she yelled

and kicked as she squirmed all over the bed was the highlight of all of this. Creating a water fall in

between Melissa’s legs made me want to enter her again. Apparently, she was surprised that I would

do just about everything with her, because I was tearing that ass up. I bust my fourth nut and called it

a night. It was getting late anyway. I had been over there for like five almost six hours. She looked

worn out anyway. I kissed her on the cheek and started to put back on my clothes.

“Are you alright, Melissa?”

“Yeah, I just wasn’t expecting all of that!”

“Well, now you can tell all of your friends how good my dick is.”


Because best believe I’m going to tell them how good your pussy was.

“I’ll call you, Mel. Don’t have wet dreams about me!”

“Shut up! Alright goodbye Jeff, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I walked home from Melissa’s house which wasn’t too much farther from where I stayed. I felt really

good after fucking Melissa. I felt bad for her but she probably deserved it. I hope my sister made

something to eat because I was starving. We didn’t stay with our parents, we are on our own. My

father has life in prison for murdering our mother. Yeah, I got a pretty fucked up life. Luckily, for

Geneva she has a different father from me. I was glad she was adopted and wasn’t a bastard like me.

She deserved better then the life that I had. I walked into the house and smelt the faint smell of

spaghetti and garlic bread.

“Hey, Geneva, what’s up?!”

“What the hell are you doing coming home so damn late, it’s eleven thirty?”

“I told you. I was with Melissa!”

“What, Jeffrey, don’t you ever feel bad about what you do to these girls?”

“No! Why should I feel bad? She wanted to fuck me? Damn, I should’ve made her suck my dick!”

“J! Come on!”

“Why do you care so much about her? She treats you like shit?”

“But she still doesn’t deserve to be given a death sentence.”

“Look, what do you want me to do ‘Neva? There is nothing I can do. What do you want me to do, not

have sex?!”


“I didn’t do this to myself, it happened to me. I’m not going to stop something I enjoy just because of

some fucked up shit. I like sex. Hell, I love sex. So leave me alone. I’m hungry. Where is the food


“It’s in the microwave, I’m going to bed.”

“Goodnight!” I told her as she walked off towards her bedroom.

I knew my sister worried about me. But I was 17yrs old going on 18. I was all she had. I had to deal

with some horrific shit because my father was out there. How the hell is that my fault? If I could, I’d

go to that prison and beat the shit out his ass. I hope I don’t end up in there with him one day. But

right now. I enjoyed pussy, and the feeling I got from having sex and had no plans on stopping

anytime soon.

The next day at school I was standing outside the building waiting on homeroom to begin when

Bryant and Scott approached me wondering how my one night stand went with Melissa.

“I know you uh, put it down on her right?!” Scott asked.

“Man, what you think? She got exhausted after I bust for the fourth time.” I said as they all began to

burst out with laughter.

“Shh, there she is.” I said as Melissa was making her way towards the door with a few of her friends.

“Hey, what’s up Jeffrey?”

“What’s up baby, how are you doing?!”

She continued in the building as we stood outside. Melissa and her friends walked over to the

cafeteria to grab some breakfast before class started.

“So, girl, come on tell me how it was! I know that Jeffrey is so good looking!” Jennifer asked she

was more like a follower behind Melissa.

“Wait, did I miss something?” Nadia questioned.

“I had sex with Jeffrey last night!”

“What, are you serious?”

“Yes girl! Let me tell you! His penis is so big! He knows exactly what to do with it too! I mean we

did it over and over again. He went down on me to girl! I mean we did just about everything last

night. I am telling y’all he is good. I got to have him again.”

Geneva happened to be walking past and heard Melissa talking about the rendezvous she had. She

walked up to her trying to get her attention.

“Uh, Melissa, I need to tell you something.”

“What the fuck would you need to tell me, loser!” She says, as her friends begin to cackle with


“Look, I know you don’t like me but I seriously need to tell you something. It’s about my brother.”

“I already know everything there is to know about your fine ass brother. Girl, did I tell you that he

lasted for almost six hours! I mean whoooooooooo! I was exhausted!”

“Melissa, I don’t mean to be nosey but did you happen to use a condom with my brother?”

“What, why, I’m on the pill. He ain’t gon get me pregnant? And damn, why the fuck is you still here

all up in my business! Get away from me!”

“You know what?! You are a bitch Melissa and you deserve what my brother just gave you!”

“What, bitch? Who the hell you calling a bitch? I’d kick your ass!”

“Hey, Melissa, let it go.” Nadia tried to calm her down.

“I don’t know what the hell her problem is!”

“Hey, I think I should be heading to the library now. I have to print out a paper before I go to class.”

“Alright, goodbye Jennifer, see you later.” Melissa said.

“But don’t you think she might have been trying to tell you something about him. And why the hell

didn’t you use protection. I mean I know he is finer then no other but don’t you think that he probably

sleeps around? A lot of girls like him Melissa.”

“So, that don’t mean he sleeps with them. I got tested two months ago and I’m clean. Please stop

worrying about me. Let’s get ready for class.”

Melissa and Nadia made their way out of the cafeteria but Geneva still wanted to warn Melissa. She

pulled her by the arm and whispered in her ear.

“My brother has…”

“What, what is it that you need to tell me about him so damn bad?”

“Look, all I can say is you might want to watch yourself around him. He isn’t who you think he is.”

“All I can say is you need to leave me alone. I am with him and I don’t need you trying to persuade

me to leave him. Leave me alone damn!” She said, as she walked out of the cafeteria.

That was what I was talking about. Some people just didn’t have any disregard for anything. Now

later on, when she finds out what’s really going on she’ll blame her for not warning her. But by then,

it’ll be too late. Those six hours I spent pleasuring her sweet body it took only six minutes just to

destroy her sweet little body.

~To Be Continued~

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