Ratchet TV At Its Finest: Sextapes and Mayhem

Mimi and Nikko from the sex tape, A Scandal in Atlanta
Mimi and Nikko from the sex tape, A Scandal in Atlanta

So, with the new season of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta right around the corner we get a sneak peak at the season 4 trailer. If you are a regular LHHP fan like most of us are you are already aware of the ratchetness this show may bring. We get clips of Erica and Scrappy along with that “THOT” Buckeyee from that other VH1 show, “Flava of Love”. I guess they are still messing around, hmmm. Thought Scrappy settled that last season…guess NOT. And I must admit I am SOOOOOO glad to see Stevie J back in the mix. Next, we have Ms. Joseline Hernadez, I don’t even know what’s going on with her. I guess time will only tell with the Joseline and Stevie J antics will bring to the table.

We can’t forget Rasheeda and Kirk I hope they have reconciled their differences and he has finally stepped up to the plate now that their son is born. From the clips we see Rasheeda glowing and looking fabulous still back at her music. Speaking of music, what would Love and Hip Hop be without the wonderful and extremely talented, “Can’t Raise A Man,” songtress K.Michelle? But what’s going on with her love life???

Have I left anyone out!!!! Of course I have, this post wouldn’t be anything, without discussing Mimi and her fiancé Nikko. They have completely shocked the nation with the leak of their sextape. With over a million views in over 12 hours, this has been the biggest news for VH1 in years. Most say it is a marketing ploy by the creator herself to build momentum for the show’s release next month. But with this show being as big as it is, was this really needed? People flock happily to watch the latest scandals and cat fights between Joseline and Mimi or Erica and Buckeyee every week.

World Star Hip Hop is airing the “juicy” trailer on their website for adults only. Many people have mixed emotions about this. Some say it is HOT! And supposedly, can’t wait until they release the full movie next month. Others believe that Mimi is just ridiculous for airing her private moments for the world to see.

Well, either way you feel about it, you have to admit, that trailer is HOT and sexy! It makes you think of a couple words, HOT DAMN!! Mimi and Nikko were definitely not faking it at all. And you think, sister has some serious skills with the deep throat action. Let’s not forget that “shower pole” move that is now crazily trending on social media. Mr. Nikko was really giving her “the business.”

Yes, people shouldn’t sell themselves out for money. Money only last for so long but at the end of the day you still have to live with the decisions you have made. I just hope poor Eva doesn’t grow up to act like this with the notion that if mommy did it, it MUST be acceptable for me to do it. No honey, it’s not. But on the other hand, if this is how Mimi, feels she has to provide for her. Damn, Stevie you slacking then dawg, what’s really good! NO, I’m kidding.

But what DOES pose a problem, this is in some way sending a message that it is okay to be a HOE. IT IS NOT, I REPEAT IT IS NOT OKAY TO BE A HOE. Yes, having sex and fucking your significant other is NOT a problem in the privacy of YOUR own house. But, you do NOT have to broadcast it to the world to see. That’s suppose to be private. I’m not just saying that because of who it is. It was wrong when Kim K did it with Ray J, and all the other women who have put out sextapes just to get attention. These women are beautiful, smart and talented I wish they would show the world how wonderful it is to use your brain instead of your body. This is ONE of the reasons why men do not respect us now. They see us as cheap pieces of trash because this is how we portray ourselves to them. Of course, I know sex sells in TV land and brings in lots of ratings which means lots of money. But honestly at the end of the day, they are just making money for VH1. That’s sad. Showbiz only last for so long. The relevancy of this event will fade just like the wind and we will be asking ourselves what was the point of this and what else will they do to capture their 15 minutes of fame back yet again.



Mimi and Nikko from the sex tape, A Scandal in Atlanta
Mimi and Nikko from the sex tape, A Scandal in Atlanta

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