Is America Killing Our Black Youth

Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis two teens murdered through "Stand Your Ground Law"
Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis two teens murdered through “Stand Your Ground Law”

Is America Killing Our Black Youth

We begin to wonder what is really going on when the lives of our African American youth begin dwindling away. Why is it that we stand at the forefront of tyranny? Two male teens gone within less than five years and these are just the murders being reported. Who knows how many countless travesties have gone unmentioned? News media will only report so much that if not reporting will hurt their ratings as well as its credibility.

What exactly is a “Stand Your Ground” law anyway? The state of Florida passed this law which allows someone in fear of his or her life to use deadly force to stop an attacker. But if you ask me, what exactly were these two teens doing to provoke such “fear” in these men: George Zimmerman (a neighborhood watchman who murdered Trayvon Martin in February 2012) and Michael Dunn who murdered Jordan Davis for his music being too loud. What? Besides being NORMAL AMERICAN TEENAGERS. When did listening to music and going to the store for snacks begin to pose such a threat to society that they had to pull out guns and murder innocent children?

What makes matters worse? George Zimmerman was going to do a celebrity boxing match with famed rapper DMX. This is not just a joke but a damn slap in the face towards Trayvon Martin’s entire family. The media attention it received was simply disgusting. On the other hand Michael Dunn feels he was justified by killing Jordan Davis although no one in the SUV was armed with any weapons. Dunn himself sees his self as both the victim and the victor. It is a sad cold day in America when our young children can’t live to see their adulthood and create families of their own.

Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon’s mother) and Lucia McBath (Jordan Davis’s mother) have come together to attempt to ban this, “Stand Your Ground” law. Which we honestly know is only successful for whites. Allegedly, only 3% of African Americans shooters received the same treatment for shooting a white person and filing a “Stand Your Ground” claim. What does that mean folks? The law does NOT support the minority. How so? You may ask? Neither of these men has “truly” been convicted yet. Michael Dunn still awaits his fate for a retrial May 5th on which he may face up to 60 years in jail. Meanwhile Zimmerman is a free man making a mockery of the incident.

We hope that someday things change in this world. Even as we stand in a brink of a new era and an African American holds chair in the White House. We still have to deal with the mistreatment of Blacks. Teens shouldn’t have to live their life as if they may die tomorrow? What has truly happened to this world?


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